Institutional Irish Victims Exposed by Leaked Emails

Disturbing information regarding the sexual abuse of Northern Ireland civilians was exposed earlier this week in an unfortunate leak. 250 Victims were recorded by the Northern Ireland Government, with their names & separate emails being kept hidden for a prolonged period. Their information was unveiled after these individuals made a Federal Lawsuit Claim against the institutions that abused them.

In what seems like a somewhat purposeful & vengeful act against these individuals, some unknown entity hacked the emails of the “Interim Victims Commission”. Millions will inevitably be granted to these victims, coming from the livelihood of these institutions. Law enforcement is now speculating if one of these institutions purposely committed this crime.

One of the survivors took it upon themselves to publicly speak about her experience, which occurred in a Belfast Orphanage. This unnamed woman informed the Irish Observer that they’d desperately wanting to keep their anonymity. The leaked documents have made all the victims feel exposed, dishonoured, and vulnerable for their safety. Individuals connected to these Belfast Orphanage’s could seek violent repercussions onto these victims. It’s these individuals that prompted the revival of the “Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry”, which has forced multiple of these Orphanage’s to shut down.

Seven Decades of Secrets

These institutions were run at Charitable, Religious, and State Bodies in Northern Ireland. They were active for several decades and enforced widespread sexual abuse. This applies to both men & women, with the violence extending towards physical beatings. Multiple individuals connected to these institutions have been arrested and are spending their lives in prison. Those affected by the abuse will inevitably receive £7,500.00 to £100,000.00 for their trauma. However, these funds are minimal in comparison to the damage felt early in life.

Another individual who was abused by these Religious institutions spoke out about her abuse. She noted the cruel behaviour of facilities that were run by criminal organizations, like the Irish Mafia and Irish Republican Army. This unnamed woman expressed that her outage is inconsolable towards these documents being leaked to the Irish & International community. Law enforcement in Northern Ireland will thoroughly investigate these leaked documents & imprison whoever is responsible.

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