Hotel Cancellations in Ireland

News outlets worldwide have spent nearly two-months continuously reporting about the coronavirus outbreak. Lasting effects from this outbreak have begun, with countless industries seeing lower profit volumes. This extends drastically to the tourism industry, with Northern Ireland not being the exception. The Tourism Ireland Association confirmed that nearly three thousand hotel rooms had been cancelled since January, with additional cancellations following for March.

BBC News Reports confirmed that Coach Companies are having dozens of tours cancelled weekly. All of this has come from the Covid-19 Virus Strain, which has killed more than two thousand. Typically called the coronavirus, it’s infected 70+ thousand globally. It’s prompted for airlines to restrict flights to and from China, with entire provinces in the People’s Republic being quarantined. An event of this magnitude hasn’t been seen globally since SARS, with the Covid-19 Virus sharing 99% of the same DNA.

Tourists from China accounts for 100+ thousand of the annual visitors to Ireland. Each individual spends an estimated $5,000.00 to $10,000.00 per vacation in Northern Ireland. This means that substantial influxes of cash are being lost daily, with Irish Tourist Groups being forced to terminate their Chinese social media campaigns going forward. This followed after tourism advertising suspensions were enlisted through China. Hotel chains haven’t been affected to the same extent as coach companies, with them primarily relying on advertising campaigns to obtain customers. Chinese tourists typically locate a hotel chain through their respective research. It should be noted that most hotel chains in Ireland have terminated future bookings with Chinese tourists, which would be re-instated until the coronavirus is eliminated.

Potential Closures

Hospitality Experts from Ireland believe that Government Officials should have a real concern for this severe decline. These experts believe that the numbers will escalate to several thousand before the third quarter, with the potential for multiple businesses to be shut down before 2020’s fiscal year-end. There are entire hotel chains that cater to Chinese clientele, with them expected to enter foreclosure or bankruptcy. The overwhelming effect to global and Irish tourism from the coronavirus is providing to be detrimental, with billions being lost weekly.

The Hannon Coach Company confirmed that they’ve drastically felt the effects of declining tourism. Following their announcement, it was revealed that bookings have dropped by 33% within the last two months. Hannon has already terminated multiple bus routes between Glasgow and Belfast, with them expecting additional closures before quarters-end. Hannan Coach could be one of the 1st tourism companies forced to shut down following the coronavirus.

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