GDPR Fines Twitter €450,000.00

Social media platforms worldwide are beginning to feel the implications of their actions, which include collecting & selling consumer information to third-party companies in hostile nations. Governments have started instating fines onto these largescale technology conglomerates, refusing to bow down to their overwhelming power. This was seen again with Ireland’s Data Protection Commission. Announcements were issued on December 15th that the DPC had fined Twitter €450,000.00 for breaching the “General Data Protection Regulation Act” in Europe.

This marks the first financial penalty issued to an American-located tech conglomerate, with more expects to follow before 2025. GDPC legislation was enacted in May 2018 by the European Union, which set to provide civilian personnel with privacy & data protection. Twitter broke legislative requirements in less than twelve months, prompting an immediate investigation that saw penalties introduced two years after beginning.

The Data Protection Commission in Ireland issued their announcement via a press release, with the statement included that Twitter had failed to notify the DPC when their servers had been breached in 2019. Legislative requirements demand that breaches be reported in 72-Hours. Twitter actively avoided informing the DPC, meaning knowledge of the breach wasn’t ascertained till DPC security programs ascertained Twitter was attacked. Not telling the Data Protection Commission of server breaches has prompted the €450,000.00 financial penalty.

The Reaction from Twitter

Twitter’s Chief Privacy & Global Data Protection Officer discussed the conclusion of this investigation. Excuses were issued that because of staffing alterations on Christmas Day & New Year’s Eve, Twitter didn’t have the necessary personnel to inform the DPC of server breaches. Damien Kieran noted that subsequently, the 72-hour statutory notice was broken. Kieran promised that solutions had been implemented to avoid reports not issued in a timely fashion.

Damien Kieran emphasized that Twitter has taken responsibility for their mistakes & remain committed to respecting the GDPC legislation, to protecting the data of customers in Ireland. These apologies are genuine because most tech conglomerates sustain their headquarters in Ireland for tax purposes. The GDPC is prominent legislation that governs over their actions & can eliminate Twitter’s social operations. Fines issued to Twitter were minimal, with GDPC law permitting 4% of annual company income to be penalized per year. That would have meant Twitter being fined $138 Million instead of $450,000.00.

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