Dublin Becomes Ghost Town

Ireland didn’t anticipate a second wave of coronavirus, with the nation admirably fighting against the virus between March to August 2020. September would mark the month when infections began increasing, with October seeing a prominent rise & second outbreak of coronavirus. Ireland Politicians engaged similar health measures seen during the first wave of COVID-19, evoking a nationwide lockdown. Ireland is the first European Union nation to reimplement lockdown measures.

Unlike the first wave, which saw nationwide support of the lockdown, the second wave is seeing criticism evoked across the country. That’s because Cabinet Members of Parliament announced that educational facilities would remain open. However, all other aspects of everyday life are shutting down for six consecutive weeks. Healthcare experts have advised multiple nations that opening educational facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic will drastically increase cases. Government officials have ignored recommendations from healthcare experts & it’ll create a continued outbreak of coronavirus.

Locals living in Dublin, the capital city of Ireland, have expressed that their surroundings have become bleak. An eerie landscape has overtaken Dublin, with condensed areas becoming ghost towns. Dublin Residents note that sadness has overcome the region, that everyone is scared for their mental stability & financial wellbeing for a six-week lockdown. Residents across Ireland aren’t even permitted to visit family & friend households, meaning engaging in social lifestyles will become challenging.

Ireland civilians requiring the usage of public transportation to attend their jobs will still have identical routes. However, there’ll be a requirement that riders must wear facemasks or coverings to eliminate the spreading of COVID-19. Capacity is also being limited to 25%, meaning that delays in transportation will likely increase by high volumes. Public transportation riders have been recommended to leave an hour or two early for their respective route.

Christmas Festivities are Possible

COVID-19 has taken the lives of 1800+ Irish civilians, with positive infections increasing across Ireland & the European Union. Surges of the virus are arriving weeks before the winter comes, which will prompt harsher restrictions onto Europeans. Ireland committing to their lockdown earlier than other nations in the Union could mean Christmas & New Years Eve festivities not being cancelled.

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