Coronavirus Cases Surge in European Nations

The former epicentre for COVID-19 has confirmed a resurgence of coronavirus infections, which follows after the European Union had received global praise for maintaining strict lockdowns. Their diligent efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19 was deemed successful for months, prompting various governments to eliminate a large percentage of their social distancing measures. Those actions have proven foolish after multiple nations in the Union have reported higher infections per day, forcing officials to consider the necessary steps for moving forward.

Ireland has reported their highest number of COVID-19 Cases since May, jumping from the 58 seen last week to 175 over the weekend of August 7th to 9th. It’s prompted for Irish Officials to reimplement COVID-19 Restrictions in various locations across Ireland. That include the Laois, Kildare, and Offaly Counties. Ireland’s Government hopes that with this immediate lockdown that further resurgence of COVID-19 can be eliminated.

Unlike Ireland, which has taken an immediate & strict approach to their resurgence, other nations in the European Union are avoiding action all-together. That pertains towards France, which has entered new highs in their infection rates. French Politicians are refusing to reimplement their COVID-19 Restriction Measures, opposing critics by repeating that their economy must be sustained. It means that Government Personnel in France cares more about their national financial gain than civilian life.

France is counting 1,675 New COVID-19 Cases per day, entering a two-month high that continues to grow weekly. Their single limitation is informing the population to wear any form of face covering, with those below the age of eleven permitted to avoid this restriction. Medical Experts in France suspect that this lacklustre condition is prompting the continued rise of COVID-19, with the additional benefactor of Anti-Maskers growing in France.

New nations in the European Union that are seeing higher infections include Germany at 1045 Daily Infections, Italy at 552 COVID-19 Positive Tests, and Spain at 6912 Daily Infections as of August 7th. These rates of infection show that Ireland is still maintaining a low count at 175, is one of the lowest nations in the European Union. When accounting for the fact that their resurgence of infections is sustained in 3 Counties, not the entire country, Ireland is still combating COVID-19 better than most.

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