Coronavirus 2nd Wave Consumes Ireland.

Northern Ireland’s Department of Health confirmed that an additional 726 cases of coronavirus were recorded on October 3rd. It marks the 2nd highest infection rate that Northern Ireland has witnessed since the COVID-19 pandemic became an international disaster in January 2020. Northern Ireland’s highest number of infections came on October 2nd at 934 confirmed cases. This means that without 48 hours, 1600+ cases of the virus were accounted & confirmed by the Department of Health.

Increased infections have prompted an evident rise in deaths related to COVID-19. Northern Ireland has sustained ten additional casualties to this virus between October 2nd to 3rd. Throughout the Ireland Republic, which comprises of the Southern Regions, there have been more than 1800 deaths associated with COVID-19. It’s a larger number than what medical experts had anticipated for the nation, which has combatted the virus efficiently. Flu season is prompting the influx of infections & no country is avoiding the 2nd wave. However, this information was known when COVID-19 had become an international pandemic from January to February.

Nine individuals throughout Northern Ireland remained enclosed in “Quarantine Intensive Care”, which means their lives are at risk from the virus, but there’s a possibility for their recovery. Nine patients are drastically low when considering that additional 1600+ cases have been recorded. It shows that similar to international statistics, Northern Ireland’s civilians are combating the virus through their relative immune systems.

New Coronavirus Measures

Two regions throughout Northern Ireland are sustaining notable infections, with those being Strabane & Derry City. Both areas are maintaining 478 confirmed cases of COVID-19 amid a population of 100,000 citizens. It’s prompted the Strabane Council & Derry City Coronavirus Task Force to implement new protocols that demand the consistent quarantining of their citizens.

Refusal will see fines worth thousands of Euros. Both regions have also forced all retail & food services to terminate their operations effective immediately. Business will resume will the 2nd wave concludes, which won’t potentially end until Spring 2021.

For now, Northern Ireland Officials are working diligently to ensure that civilians don’t enter the “Quarantine Intensive Care” status. This will assist the National Health Service in not becoming overwhelmed.

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