Conor McGregor Ireland’s Wild Child

Conor McGregor’s first fight was in February 2007 when he was only 18 years old, and he won it by a technical knockout. Now the former fighting championship lightweight champion mixed his success with scandal and is called the wild child of Ireland.

He never liked rules, and after the Bellator 187 in 2017 at Dublin’s 3Arena he was in trouble with Mike Mazzulli for jeopardising the safety and health of other fighters by ignoring all the rules. He rushed into the ring when John Redmond and his team-mate Charlie Ward had a bit of an argument. He hardly paid attention and only a year later threw a metal trolley at a bus in which he spotted Khabib Nurmagomedov, his rival fighter as well as members of the UFC 223 event. The flying glass injured two MMA fighters who were then unable to fight that night.

Both Nurmagomedoy and McGregor Banned

Dana White, the UFC president, announced that there was a warrant out for the arrest of McGregor, which made the Irishman turn himself in to face charges of assault on three counts. With lots of negotiations taking place between his legal team and the prosecutors, he got away with community service and had to attend classes in anger management. But it all flared up again and resulted in both McGregor and Nurmagomedoy being banned by the competition.

Pre-fight Routine of McGregor

Anyone that enjoys fighting knows all about McGregor’s habit just before a fight that involves a lot of trash talking that could anger his opponent. He is considered to have crossed the line many many times before a fight. This was also the case before the match against Floyd Mayweather Jr when he told him to dance for him, followed by the boy. It led to the accusation of racism as anyone expected. McGregor responded that it was ridiculous that the media wants to implicate that he is against black people. But then that was not the worst situation he has ever found himself in, as it is not only in the ring where he manages to get into trouble.

Conor McGregor. Part of Irish Mafia?

Out of the ring, it is his close friendship with convicted criminals such as Jonathan and Andrew Murray that shocks his fans. The convicted pair regularly is accompanying McGregor to his fights via his private jet. Most feels this is crazy even for McGregor as the two criminals have already styled themselves, no other than the Irish Mafia.

The same pair was responsible for the images and videos that show McGregor throwing his cash in a nightclub at strippers. The photos made the photo of McGregor and a stripper in Las Vegas re-emerge, which was and still is inappropriate. But then even more pictures were added on Twitter, and none of it did Ireland’s wild child any good. The world champion now also denies that he is the father of Terri Murray’s baby and he wants DNA tests to show that her claim is nothing but false.

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