Clifden, Ireland Faces Unprecedented Floods

Irish Civilians from Clifden have experienced floodwaters that weren’t pre-emptively known by experts. Located in the Galway Region of Ireland, torrential downpours occurred throughout August 1st to 2nd. It brought an unprecedented volume of floodwaters for the City of Clifden, with locals expressing that they’ve never seen surges create violent systems & overtake their roads. Torrential rain plummeted onto the Owenglin River, causing for overflowing. Local leaders implemented an evacuation order & multiple homes have been lost since August 1st.

The Galway County Council ordered that educational facilities, government buildings, and roads remaining closed until Galway Fire Service Personnel can clear debris. Though these routes are passable for those needing immediate access to their home, or evacuation, have been permitted to use these roads. Concerns are still active for multiple bridges in the Clifton region, which have water gushing over them even as of August 4th. Engineers are assessing the damage brought to local bridges & determining if structural damage occurred.

The Owenglin River had its water levels begin depleting by noon, dropping by 1.8 Metres. This wasn’t enough to allow homeowners with flooded basements to return home. Another 2.0 Metres is required before permission is granted for housing structural engineers to review these homes. Homeowners will then be informed if their allowed entry, or if their home requires massive repairs. Business owners are facing similar issues & likely won’t reopen operations in Clifden for months to come. This includes the Abbey-Glen Clifden Castle, which experienced an onslaught of the flooding & its historic basement is now ruined.

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Local civilians from Clifden & Galway County were interviewed on the severe flooding seen between August 1st to 2nd. One civilian named Mr Hughes emphasized that torrential downpours onto the Owenglin River are terrible for their town. Hughes has lived in Clifden since being a little boy and noted that it’s the worst flood that he’s ever seen. How the Clifden Region recovers from the “Owenglin Floods” is unknown. It’s expected that the Galway County Council will request an NDF (National Disaster Funds) from the Irish Government, allowing for rebuilding efforts to begin across Clifden.

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