Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day Here!

A festival, religious and cultural celebration, Saint Patrick’s Day is an important day. All honour goes to the patron saint of Ireland. As the lead up gets to a start to St Patrick’s Day, it is time to enjoy Gaelic games, it is the biggest celebration, and every town and village participate in the festivities. In Ireland, the celebrations take place on the 17th of March every year, and it is no longer just an Irish celebration. Drinking, parades, feasting and dancing, dressed in green now takes place across the world.

Celebrations in Ireland

Saint Patrick brought Christianity to the country and also converted many pagans. Every year on the 17th of March, Ireland celebrates this day with traditional dancing, everyone wears green and takes part in dancing and parades. Most Dubliners spend time with family and friends or attend concerts. There are many different shows across the Dublin, shows inspired by the Irish culture, festivals and performance by local bands.

Celebrations in Canada

In 2019, it was the 196th celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day in Montreal, the parade started in 1824, and it is the oldest in Canada. The show is two hours long, and the United Irish Society of Montreal organises it for many years, according to records, since 1928. There is one difference in the celebrations, and that is that Montreal enjoys the festivities on a Sunday that is nearest to the 17th of March on not on the actual day itself.

St Patrick’s Day Celebrations in Boston

Massachusetts has the most significant population with an Irish background anywhere in the United States. The St Patrick’s Day celebration reflects this to the full, and the holidays not only includes the South Boston parade. The festivities also include the Irish Film Festival. There is also the Irish heritage trail and the House of Blues concert, all part of the yearly festival. The parade is the highlight and attacks more than a million spectators every year. There is also a tradition in Boston of slashing beer prices for that one day in all the Irish pubs in the city.

Celebrating St Patrick’s Day in New York

The largest parade of the St Patrick’s day celebrations is in New York City. It is also the oldest in the world. Here the first parade took place in 1762, and that was fourteen years ahead of the signing of the Independence Declaration. The parade in the city takes place from Fifth Avenue and then passed by the St Patrick’s cathedral. The show in 2002 was dedicated to the 9/11 victims, the medical personnel, firefighters and other first responders. In 2011 it was the 250th parade celebrated in the city.

Celebrations in Chicago

Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations in Chicago includes a parade in downtown and the dying of the river. The first time the river was changed to a different colour was actually by accident, and the fluorescent dye was spilt by mistake. It became a tradition and is now part of the yearly celebrations.

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