British Civilians to be Quarantined in Ireland

The country of Ireland has announced it will be placing new quarantine rules into effect for travellers from Britain next month even though the country is lifting restrictions against other international travellers. This is directly related to the United Kingdom’s “significantly poorer” response to dealing with and controlling the coronavirus pandemic.

Ireland has managed much better than the UK in the number of reported coronavirus cases and has a significantly lower number of deaths. Currently, Ireland has so far has 1,726 fatalities contributed to the virus, while the United Kingdom has had in excess of 43,000. In addition to its large number of deaths, there have been over 310,000 confirmed cases within the UK, an extraordinarily high number when compared to similar sized and populated countries. 

As a result, Ireland has opted to exclude UK travellers hoping to travel to the country next month. Boris Johnson, the prime minister of the UK, has faced a severe amount of negative press in his lack of effective actions in response to the pandemic and taking appropriate measures to steam its spreading. Johnson himself was diagnosed with the virus and was hospitalized in the ICU.

Current Rules Require Mandatory Quarantine

Under its current rules, all visitors to the country have to undergo mandatory 14-day quarantine to prevent any possible spreading of the virus within the country. However, Dublin next month will put into effect a plan to allow certain countries permission to travel into the country as part of its “air bridges” plan. However, only countries with low infection rates will be granted permission.

According to a leaked government document, it is not expected to see the United Kingdom added to that list any time soon as reported by an independent newspaper in Ireland. The leaked memo states that “mandatory restricted movement” will be in effect on countries such as the United States and the UK due to the continued excessive levels of infection.

This is a significant decision when considering the Common Travel Area that has long existed between the two counties that allows free movement across the Irish Sea. How long it will remain in effect will be dependent on the number of infections in the UK and how the government adjusts its position in controlling it.

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