British Army Spy hired by Ireland to Search for Bugs.

Since Ireland’s authorities were anxious regarding media leaks since the disastrous World Cup. They’ve decided to employ a former military intelligence officer from Britain to search for any bugs. These bugs could have possibly been planted inside the headquarters in Dublin.

Sean Hartnett Reveals All in Client Confidential

Sean Hartnett’s new book reveals the extent of the Irish Rugby Football Union fears. These fears are over the ability of the Irish media to report on the plans to replace managers and dressing room rows. Harnett also claims he got entangled in the internal disputes of Ireland’s final stages failure to advance during the World Cup held in France. Hartnett said in Client Confidentiality, that the IRFU requested him to warn board members that he would utilise specialist tracking devices. He will be using them to discover if anyone were covertly recording any of the meetings via their smartphones.

Author of Client Confidential Claimed to be IRFU Employed

The IRFU employed Hartnett at the time, and the author of Client Confidential had just moved into a private espionage business after leaving the counter-terrorism unit. He also claims that he was requested to brief all newly appointees such as Decan Kidney, who became the head coach of the Irish team. The briefing was officially to inform the newly appointee of the danger part of being involved with security. Unofficially it was to report the newly appointed coach that all his enemies were not just those outsides of the IRFU HQ walls.

British Ministry of Defense Requested Ban of JACUNI

First, the Ministry of Defense in Britain tried to ban the book titled JACUNI by Hartnett. This detailed the undercover military force that secretly filmed and bugged the dissident Republican and IRA suspects. Country Cork-born Hartnett was brought in to investigate the possibilities of leaks after the post-mortem 2007 World Cup meeting taking place in Dublin in the Shelbourne Hotel. These meeting leaked word for word to the Irish media and Hartnett concluded that leaks were probably via smartphone recordings.

The first thing Harnett then did was to thoroughly test security by means of breaking into the Dublin Ballsbridge based HQ. This is easily doable via an employee’s electronic pass card, and he used it when he returned to the underground parking of the building. He was able to walk without any interruptions to the office of the CEO’s office of the IRFU.

A spokesman for the IRFU said that it is all fictionalised by Hartnett, that the company employed by the IRFU was RMI. Their task was to check for any risks. RMI was also asked to check IT systems and meeting facilities. The headquarter building, all hotel accommodation, areas used as meeting facilities and any other facilities used by the IRFU or the Irish team. Harnett says he did inform the IRFU of his finding, which seemed to irritate the board instead of providing them with the information request.

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