Brazilian Assassins Arrested in Ireland

It’s been less than two weeks since lockdown measures in Ireland began being lifted & local news outlets are headlining reports of unconventional behaviour. The most recent headline applies towards four Brazilian Men that were arrested for suspected assassination. How these men were able to enter Ireland isn’t known, with speculation being that a designated shipping vessel transported these Brazilians illegally. They were found carrying a Sawn-Off Shotgun & Multiple Submachine Guns. Local Irish Law Enforcement suspects these men of being on route to assassinate a member in a rivalling gang.

These headlines are more familiar with Latin America, not the United Kingdom. When Ireland’s Law Enforcement intercepted these four Brazilians, the quick movement was required to avoid an attack. Officers reported that these men reached for their weapons before being apprehended. Reports of Brazilian Men in Clara prompted these officers to set up a checkpoint shortly ahead in Offaly County. This informative detail from an unknown civilian allowed for law enforcement to apprehend these men within half an hour of the initial report.

These men were travelling in two vehicles, with the 1st being a van and the 2nd being a sedan. The Emergency Response Unit apprehended these men after initiating a “Hard Stop”. This involves placing multiple police cruises into a star-shaped pattern around the suspected vehicles. It creates significant challenges when trying to leave the scene.

Tips Lead to Arrest

The Garda Siochana, the Police Force of Ireland, provided a formal statement regarding this arrest. It was noted that these men are being detained with 30 State Act Offences against them. Multiple firearms were recovered & these Brazilian Assassins are suspected to see a judge in less than 24 hours. Details from their statements note that their suspicions relate to gangs in Portlaoise and Tullamore.

Before a local civilian received an insightful tip, the Garda Siochana received intelligence indicating that a Portlaoise Gang hired assassins to murder a rival house in Tullamore. This shows that crime percentages in Ireland are continuing to escalate after the COVID-19 lockdown period. It should be mentioned that crime percentages are increasing worldwide, which follows after large portions lost their jobs permanently.

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