Boris Johnson Updates Great Britain and Ireland

The Prime Minister of Great Britain addressed the United Kingdom over this last week, which follows after Boris Johnson himself was inducted into London’s Saint Thomas Hospital with the novel coronavirus. After recovering thanks to the National Health Service, Johnson was able to re-address his nation and confirm that the United Kingdom is entering their 1st downward slope. He spoke to British and Irish Citizens from Downing Street, with some believing the Prime Minister is incorrect after the UK Death Toll increased by 674.

When addressing the civilians of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson remarked that the National Health Service wasn’t overwhelmed thanks to the commendable actions of citizens. Catastrophic and uncontrollable conditions were avoided thanks to this significant collective, allowing the United Kingdom to prevent their worst-case scenario of 500k deaths. The week of March 27th marked the 1st time that infection cases were downgraded instead of increased, showing that the downward slope is coming.

It should be mentioned that this collective effort from civilians like Tom Moore, who raised £31 million for the NHS, allowed for everyone infected to be placed onto ventilators. COVID-19 patients weren’t refused intensive care like other nations such as America. Ventilators in mass-production wouldn’t have been possible without manufacturing facilities altering their operations. Companies like Mercedes AMG-Petronas stopped designing Formula One cars and created Ventilator Masks instead.

Johnson Gives Thanks to the NHS

Boris Johnson was grateful to the National Health Service, who ultimately saved his life after contracting the novel coronavirus. They did this before his fiancée gave birth to Johnson’s 1st son, ensuring that Carrie Symonds and Boris wouldn’t have to be concerned for their newborn’s safety. He mentioned publicly that the NHS Workforce had done a fantastic job with saving civilians across Great Britain and Ireland. During this pandemic, it’s been nurses and doctors acting like soldiers on the front-lines of one of the deadliest viruses in the last 150+ years.

Supporters behind the National Health Service have shown their thanks by driving past hospitals, honking their horns as thanks. Great Britain Civilians have also clapped from their balconies in London and sang the national anthem in honour of these individuals.

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