Problem Gambling Some of The Legendary Tales

One of the two great concerns, when involved in gambling, is losing control over your gambling involvement. The other is losing your money. Sometimes in the gambling world, gambling addicts get so out of control that they make the news. Often these are just the stories of ordinary people caught up in a sad reality.

Escaping Prison

This is the story of such an addict who spun out of control when he recently stole chips at the Rainbow Casino. The Aberdeen police arrested Mahmudul Hasan, a 48-year old gambler. He was already banned from English gambling establishments when he stole these chips on Scottish territory.

After playing a game of blackjack earlier on, he took a box of chips stored at the table without being noticed and left the casino with it hidden under his jacket. Only to return later on and cashing some of them into the amount of £700. When the staff realized that the box is missing, he was long gone but cameras followed his trail and he was later on arrested and the remainder of the box found in a garbage bin where he disposed of it.

His claims of stealing this due to his gambling addiction saved him from jail time and he was sentenced to a mere 135 work hours without any pay. Considering that this was a victimless crime it all seems fair, yet there is no indication of whether he is going to get assistance to overcome this problem and avoid future crimes.

Unpayable Debts

Another story of the sheer devastation which gambling causes in your life is the one of Tony O’Reilly, former postmaster in Carlow, Ireland. Now the subject of the book by Declan Lynch called Tony 10 which was Tony’s online gambling persona. His story is one of the debts which will never be repayable. His turnover at Paddy Power amounted to €10 million when he got arrested for stealing €1.75 from his employers.

This is the story of the destruction which can be part of online gambling. Tony mentioned that nobody suspected what he is busy with since he wasn’t wasting his time away in casinos. All that he has done was happening online. His online crowd also never told him to slow down, rather Paddy Power would invite him to more events and opportunities to spend money. In the end, it leads to the destruction of the person and a staggering debt which he will never be able to repay during his entire life.

His case made the news because although he is not the only nor the first person to steal from his employer, normally people can repay their debts and don’t get reported. He will never be able to do that. Tony remembers moments of desperation and the constant belief that if he gambles one more time it would be the last time, the one which will take him out of his debt. It is thought patterns like these which keep the gambling addict in the web and eventually leads to destruction, jail time and unpayable debts.

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The Wealthiest Sports Stars of Ireland

When asked the question of who is the wealthiest sports star in Ireland, many would probably answer the name of a famous footballer. This is, however, not the case.

Golfing Creates Riches

The title of the wealthiest sports star in all of Ireland goes to none other than Rory McIlroy. With his estimated fortune standing on a total of £52 million. His mere £52 million doesn’t even put him close to the list of the wealthiest people in Ireland, but it does make him the sportsman with the highest bank balance. This came as no surprise since the 30-year old golfer of Northern Ireland was the youngest golfer in the 2012 PGA Tour to reach a total of $10 million in career earnings. Owner of three homes based in Northern Ireland, Hollywood and Palm Beach Gardens in Florida.

Second in Line is from the Golfing Ranks Too

Running slightly behind McIlroy is another golfer. Pádraig Harrington’s wealth is estimated at £51 million. This 47-year old golfer is from Dublin. Harrington’s highlight in his career was being ranked third in the world in July 2008. This was when he spent 300 weeks in the top-10 rankings of the world. His fans can look forward to his performance during the 2020 Ryder Cup as captain of the European team.

Number Three – Footballers aboard

At number three, we have the world of football entering the sphere of Irish wealth earned on the sports field. Roy Keane from Cork is estimated to be worth £40 million. The 47-year old is considered by many as the most successful footballer of Irish origin. After spending five years in the role of assistant manager to the Republic of Ireland national team, he resigned at the end of 2018 and is now in the position of assistant coach to Nottingham Forest. His career stretched over 18 years ending with him being captain to Manchester United from 1997 – 2005.

Another Golfer at Number Four

At £34 million Graeme McDowell is fourth-ranked on the list of wealthiest Irish athletes. Born in Portrush, Northern Ireland, this 39-year old golfer had a very successful amateur career before he turned professional. Since then he has represented Ireland in the World Cup, has won four events on the PGA Tour and ten on the European Tour. His best position on the rankings was 4th place in 2011.

Number Five Goes to Football

Footballer Robbie Keane from Dublin is standing tall at number five with an estimated net worth of £27 million. This 38-year old played for the Republic of Ireland from 1998 – 2016. Here he also served as captain of the team from 2006 until 2016. Since 2018 he is in the role of assistant manager to the team. Five Irish sports stars whose skill, passion, talent and commitment to hard work paid off of in the form of tremendous wealth.

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Some Great Irish Sports Bars in Dublin

The Irish Pub has been playing a central role in Irish history for ages. It is a place of friendship and camaraderie; a jovial get together where all our friends and the drinks are mighty beautiful. Where there is some good grub to snack on while watching your team either win or lose on the big screen. It is a place where people meet to socialize and banter, to appreciate life and put some money sometimes where their mouths are. Some of these spots are monumental in Irish history. Here is a list of some you need to visit for the full Irish sports bar experience.

The Bleeding Horse

The Bleeding Horse in Camden Street Upper is more than just a sports bar. It plays centre stage in Sheridan Le Fanu’s and James Joyce’s Ulysses novel that was titled The Cock and Anchor, published in 1845. This sports bar was established in 1649 and are of vital historical importance. It started off being situated on the corner of two main roads leading out of the city. These roads however disappeared during a renovation process which occurred in 1990. With no absolute certainty about the origin of the name, the simplified explanation is that during the Battle of Rathmines in 1649, there was an incident where a bleeding horse escaped from the battlefield. Today the pub is still a great meeting place to watch sports.

The Back Page

Situated in Phibsborough Road, this bar is the place to relax when you have nothing else to do. Named in 2016 as Ireland’s Best Sporting Pub in the National Hospitality Awards of 2016. They have plenty of space for the kids to play with a console room where FIFA can be performed. The café offers food and drinks and a touch of comfort with some board games available to patrons. A large venue is available for live sports with plenty of display with four large screens. If you only came here for the company and to catch your breath, chill for a while in their hammocks and feel the Irish atmosphere.

The Living Room

Keen on watching your favourite sport on the most prominent outdoor screen in all of Dublin; then The Living Room is the place to be. Enjoy a perfect wood-fired pizza in their beer garden and sip on some local Irish brew. They were named during the 2016 Sky Bar Awards as the best choice to watch a match at in Dublin. Situated on Cathal Brugha Street, you should visit them.

The Mercantile

Home to Everton and Arsenal supporters clubs, The Mercantile on Dame Street is another part of Irish heritage which featured in James Joyce’s literary work of Ulysses, as the workplace of the protagonist. With nine screens and great deals on matchday food and drink orders, this is one of the best sports pubs in Dublin. Sports, beer, bars and a taste for life, sports bars reflect a great deal of the Irish identity.

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Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day Here!

A festival, religious and cultural celebration, Saint Patrick’s Day is an important day. All honour goes to the patron saint of Ireland. As the lead up gets to a start to St Patrick’s Day, it is time to enjoy Gaelic games, it is the biggest celebration, and every town and village participate in the festivities. In Ireland, the celebrations take place on the 17th of March every year, and it is no longer just an Irish celebration. Drinking, parades, feasting and dancing, dressed in green now takes place across the world.

Celebrations in Ireland

Saint Patrick brought Christianity to the country and also converted many pagans. Every year on the 17th of March, Ireland celebrates this day with traditional dancing, everyone wears green and takes part in dancing and parades. Most Dubliners spend time with family and friends or attend concerts. There are many different shows across the Dublin, shows inspired by the Irish culture, festivals and performance by local bands.

Celebrations in Canada

In 2019, it was the 196th celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day in Montreal, the parade started in 1824, and it is the oldest in Canada. The show is two hours long, and the United Irish Society of Montreal organises it for many years, according to records, since 1928. There is one difference in the celebrations, and that is that Montreal enjoys the festivities on a Sunday that is nearest to the 17th of March on not on the actual day itself.

St Patrick’s Day Celebrations in Boston

Massachusetts has the most significant population with an Irish background anywhere in the United States. The St Patrick’s Day celebration reflects this to the full, and the holidays not only includes the South Boston parade. The festivities also include the Irish Film Festival. There is also the Irish heritage trail and the House of Blues concert, all part of the yearly festival. The parade is the highlight and attacks more than a million spectators every year. There is also a tradition in Boston of slashing beer prices for that one day in all the Irish pubs in the city.

Celebrating St Patrick’s Day in New York

The largest parade of the St Patrick’s day celebrations is in New York City. It is also the oldest in the world. Here the first parade took place in 1762, and that was fourteen years ahead of the signing of the Independence Declaration. The parade in the city takes place from Fifth Avenue and then passed by the St Patrick’s cathedral. The show in 2002 was dedicated to the 9/11 victims, the medical personnel, firefighters and other first responders. In 2011 it was the 250th parade celebrated in the city.

Celebrations in Chicago

Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations in Chicago includes a parade in downtown and the dying of the river. The first time the river was changed to a different colour was actually by accident, and the fluorescent dye was spilt by mistake. It became a tradition and is now part of the yearly celebrations.

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Ireland Boss Couldn’t Care Less About Denmark

Mick McCarty is quite clear about his feelings; he would not hurry to get on a play if they offered a draw and on the other side he doesn’t care if fans see it as a negative approach.

Will Denmark Allow Play as Great as Against Georgia

Ireland’s group D leaders will do whatever possible to keep their 100% record with the two past games when they do play on Friday at Parken Stadium. All focus is on preparing for the day, and the focus is on the Danes. McCarthy feels it is quite possible to get great results in the Danish capital, especially when they play the way they did against Georgia. The question is, will they be allowed to play like that by Denmark, where things are a bit more in their favour.

Once A Draw is on the Table, McCarthy Would not Get on Plane.

McCarthy feels that in an instance where they offered him a draw, he would not even consider getting on the plane. He says there is no question about it. His decision would be the same for Switzerland and Denmark. He also does not care what the fans think.

Everyone Has Confidence Now

McCarthy is known as the Irish boss that encourages win over Georgia and Gibraltar, and he feels they got the six points and if the players don’t have the confidence right now. They’ll never have it.

McCarthy Approaches Every Game with Confidence

According to the Irish Mirror, McCarthy feels confident and confidently approaches every game, he thinks that if he had a negative start, the lads would not stand a chance. He also told Matt Doherty, in the meanwhile, that he would need to be extremely patient at international level.

Recipe to Success According to McCarthy – Play Like Winners

McCarthy says there is a recipe for keeping everyone happy. They have to keep playing like winners and keep all hope on having that chance. Doherty excelled as the right-wing back for the Wolves but playing in the same team as Coleman backfired in Gibraltar. He was expecting to be left out of the game in Georgia. He knew way ahead what McCarthy would do.

Mick McCarthy – Manager of Republic of Ireland

McCarthy is exceptionally involved with sports across all levels and continues to get more and more youngsters into games. He motivates players, and as the Manager of the Ireland Republic, Mick McCarthy attended the Primary School 5S FAI Spar National Finals. The number of participants at the Spar Fai was 37,448, which is simply amazing as these participants come from 1,696 Irish schools that are taking part.

The latest news is that Declan Rice, the former star from Ireland will remain in the midfield, this is after Southgate announced its group of twenty-seven men ahead of the games in Portugal. Maybe soon we would all be able to witness a bit of action on the side from Mbappe and Obafemi. It’s been a while now that Michael Obafemi not only feels he can outsprint Mbappa, he insists he can and will.

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Ireland Believes Ferrari is the Team to Beat This Year

Ireland loves Formula One racing and believes that even when Lewis Hamilton keeps saying this would be his sixth world title, that he will have to face significant challenges. The 34-year star previously from Mercedes is hoping to win and move one crown away from his all-time hero Michael Schumacher.

Sebastian Vettel of Ferrari

Sebastian Vettel is the driver expected to challenge all this season as he drives for Ferrari and Max Verstappen says he will give Hamilton a run for his money in his Red Bull car. The 2019 F1 racing season promises to be one of the most exciting and fans have 21 races to enjoy.

The first race of 2019 was the Australian Grand Prix on the 17th of March, with the second in Bahrain on the 31st of March. This year the third race was the Chinese Grand Prix on the 14th of April, followed by the next on the 28th, which was the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. The two races in May included the Spanish Grand Prix on the 12th and Monaco Grand Prix on the 26th.

Grand Prix Racing in June 2019

June is a busy month for Grand Prix, and the first race takes place on the 9th of June, which is the Canadian Grand Prix, on the 23rd of June it is the French Grand Prix and on the 30th of June the Austrian Grand Prix.

Two Grand Prix Races in July 2019

The Formula One racers visit two new tracks in July and races includes the British Grand Prix on the 14th of July and then the German Grand Prix on the 28th of July.

Only One Grand Prix Race in August

The only race taking place in August this year is the Hungarian Grand Prix scheduled for the 4th of August, and then fans need to wait for the four runs in September.

Four Grand Prix Races in September

This year September is the busiest month in Formula One, and the Belgian Grand Prix takes place on the 1st, on the 8th of September it is the Italian Grand Prix. On the 22nd fans get to enjoy high-paced racing action taking place at the Singapore Grand Prix, and on the 29th it is the Russian Grand Prix.

Formula One Racing in October

October Grand Prix racing includes two races. These are the Japanese Grand Prix on the 13th of October and the Mexican Grand Prix on the 27th of October.

Last Three Races of the Year

The last three races of the Formula One takes place on the 3rd of November, which is the United States Grand Prix, the second latest is on the 17th of November which is the Brazilian Grand Prix, and the last is the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on the 1st of December. The Irish fans have high hopes for Ferrari, and the drivers include Charles Leclerc that is contracted to the team until the end of the 2019 season and Sebastian Vettel contracted until the end of the 2020 season.

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Ireland is the Territory of Game of Thrones

Northern Ireland’s ancient landscapes and crumbling castles got new life since the filming of Game of Thrones. The mountains, forests and moorlands around Northern Ireland were transformed into the place where the most memorable moments were filmed for Game of Thrones. It was in the Forbidden Forest where Littlefinger and Sansa journeyed, Tyrion and Jorah set sail. The Haunted Forest is Tollymore Forest Park where the white walkers started their march across the 600 hectares of ancient woods and stone arches reminding everyone of the18th-century estates.


The seven kingdom castles in the fantasy series is that in Northern Ireland, most date back to medieval times. The structures are perfect for the images fans now sees as Westeros where the Lannister’s shared their blood. Some of the castles such as Shane’s Castle in Antrim is not yet open to the public, the grounds and the castle are spectacular and it is here where Tyrion sets sail and Jorah steals the boat.

Westeros feels like a whole different world, although for the seven kingdoms, it is authentic. It is one of the most dramatic landscapes in the series and fans can find it in Northern Ireland. The Ulster Museum is where the unique tapestry of Game of Thrones can be found. It ensured that this museum became one of the most visited locations due to the Game of Thrones Tapestry. This is where Theon arrives to try and find an alliance with Balon. Boatmen and fishers still use this spot. It is where Yara watches as Theon was baptised.

Westeros feels like a whole different world, although, for the seven kingdoms, it is authentic. It is one of the most dramatic landscapes in the series and fans can find it in Northern Ireland. Towering cliffs, dark forests, ancient lands and majestic ruins are all part of Northern Ireland, which made it the perfect location for the biggest ever phenomenon on television.

The Odds keep Changing.

But if you still hope the final will have a happy ending, most say you have not paid attention during the previous seven seasons. When it comes to the survival of Jon Snow, the odds are -800 while those who believe he will not have much better odds at +500.

How Will Daenerys Die

A new list of betting options are now on how Daenerys will end, 66/1 is fire, 22/1 poison, 201/1 physical force, 16/1 arrow, 10/1 taking own life, 10/1 hanging, 8/1 axe and that Daenerys will survive is 3/1.

Who Will Have the Last Say

There is also the odds on who will have the last say; these include odds of 20/1 that it will be Bronn, 14/1 Arya Stark, 10/1 Sansa Stark, 2/1 Jon Snow, 5/1 Bran Stark, 12/1 Daenerys Targaryen, 2/1 Tyrion Lannister and 1/1 Samwell Tarly. The odds for Grey Worm perishing in the final episode is +200 for yes and -300 for No.

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John Campbell’s Spectacular Innings

In what can only be described as a record opening, the ODI partnership of Shai Hope and John Campbell of 365 assisted the West Indies to earn a 196-run win in Clontarf over Ireland. Campbell had 179 runs and hope had 170, in total it was just five runs short of the ODI record set in 2015 by Marlon Samuels and Chris Gayle, the Windies pair.

The Irish attack was constructed as Hope and Campbell hit 37 fours and eight sixes in the 381-3 West Indies total. The Irish side was out for 185 in 34.4, and the top-scorer was Kevin O’Brien with 68 and Ireland decided to put the Windies into bat had already backfired hugely.

England had a scare from the hosts on Friday, although their bowlers remained focus during their two-day Dublin experience and William Porterfield, the skipper of Ireland, opted to place the visiting team into bat. Again, this decision backfired, although it was Campbell who escaped from a run-out attempt, Records kept tumbling, and the openers managed to thrash the attack from the Irish.

Tim Murtagh typically the economical found himself on the receiving end of the opposition team’s punishment as he finished ten overs with 0-71. For the West Indies, it is the very first time to enjoy centuries, and that in the same game and the partnership became the largest first-partnership-wicket in the history of the ODI. They were on their way to smash the records set by Samuels and Gayle when the Irish skipper caught Campbell on the boundary. Barry McCarthy made hope his second victim in just four balls. The only bit of remote hope of fighting their way back into the contest for Ireland evaporated with the early dismissals of William Porterfield, Paul Stirling and Lorcan Tucker, which left the hosts at 21-3.

Ireland regrouped and made it to 152-3 although Andrew Balbirnie also had to leave the field to go for a scan when he was hit on the head by Shannon Gabriel of the West Indies. Although, after hitting a six and seven fours and the O’Brien dismissal the Irish innings folded as they lost their seven wickets in the final in 7.4 overs. Ashley Nurse finished with 4-51 and Gabriel had three wickets, and that included the dismissal of Balbirnie.

The West Indies will now be back in the Tri-Nation series action when facing Bangladesh. This Tri-Nation game takes place at Malahide. The team from Ireland faced the Tigers. It was a slow performance by the batsmen of the tigers, and Bangladesh suffered a lost by 88 runs in their practice match against the Wolves of Ireland at the Hills Cricket Club. The top scorer was James McCollum with a score of 102 from 109 deliveries. The most successful bowler from Bangladesh was Taskin Ahmed with his return of 3/66, while Rubel Hossain had 63 runs. The regular caption Mashrafe bin Mortaza rested while Shakib led the side.

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Conor McGregor Ireland’s Wild Child

Conor McGregor’s first fight was in February 2007 when he was only 18 years old, and he won it by a technical knockout. Now the former fighting championship lightweight champion mixed his success with scandal and is called the wild child of Ireland.

He never liked rules, and after the Bellator 187 in 2017 at Dublin’s 3Arena he was in trouble with Mike Mazzulli for jeopardising the safety and health of other fighters by ignoring all the rules. He rushed into the ring when John Redmond and his team-mate Charlie Ward had a bit of an argument. He hardly paid attention and only a year later threw a metal trolley at a bus in which he spotted Khabib Nurmagomedov, his rival fighter as well as members of the UFC 223 event. The flying glass injured two MMA fighters who were then unable to fight that night.

Both Nurmagomedoy and McGregor Banned

Dana White, the UFC president, announced that there was a warrant out for the arrest of McGregor, which made the Irishman turn himself in to face charges of assault on three counts. With lots of negotiations taking place between his legal team and the prosecutors, he got away with community service and had to attend classes in anger management. But it all flared up again and resulted in both McGregor and Nurmagomedoy being banned by the competition.

Pre-fight Routine of McGregor

Anyone that enjoys fighting knows all about McGregor’s habit just before a fight that involves a lot of trash talking that could anger his opponent. He is considered to have crossed the line many many times before a fight. This was also the case before the match against Floyd Mayweather Jr when he told him to dance for him, followed by the boy. It led to the accusation of racism as anyone expected. McGregor responded that it was ridiculous that the media wants to implicate that he is against black people. But then that was not the worst situation he has ever found himself in, as it is not only in the ring where he manages to get into trouble.

Conor McGregor. Part of Irish Mafia?

Out of the ring, it is his close friendship with convicted criminals such as Jonathan and Andrew Murray that shocks his fans. The convicted pair regularly is accompanying McGregor to his fights via his private jet. Most feels this is crazy even for McGregor as the two criminals have already styled themselves, no other than the Irish Mafia.

The same pair was responsible for the images and videos that show McGregor throwing his cash in a nightclub at strippers. The photos made the photo of McGregor and a stripper in Las Vegas re-emerge, which was and still is inappropriate. But then even more pictures were added on Twitter, and none of it did Ireland’s wild child any good. The world champion now also denies that he is the father of Terri Murray’s baby and he wants DNA tests to show that her claim is nothing but false.

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Luck of the Irish

Everyone has heard of the luck of the Irish, where did this belief start or is it real or old mining expression? In general, the phrase means immense fortune. It is often used when someone enjoyed a massive win or great luck.

According to Edward O’Donnell the phrase is not even from Irish origin but an American one. It all started during the 19th century and the silver and gold rush, the most famous miners at the time was Irish. Over some time, the fortunes enjoyed by the Irish miners were called the luck of the Irish. Some think it was used by American’s to indicate that they were only lucky due to sheer luck as opposed to cleverness. It all had to do with a bit of jealousy on how these fools could succeed when others couldn’t.

Luck of the Irish in Gambling

When a gambler won over $1 million on St. Patricks day at a casino, some called it the luck o’ the Irish and other beginners’ luck. The origin of the word success is from middle Dutch and coming from the word luck, which is a shortening of the world gheluc. The word GHELUC means good fortune and happiness. The word luck could also have been borrowed from English back in the 15th century as a term for gambling. Ambac means double aces.

Massive Lunchtime Win for Irish Roofer

Regardless if you believe in the luck o’ the Irish or not, a very lucky roofer from Ireland decided to play casino games during his lunch break. It was NetEnt’s Mega Fortune Dreams Slot that made him a big winner when the jackpot triggered to award the player with a win worth €137,499. His first thought was what was happening, and due to his uncertainty, he never said a word to anyone. Only after the casino called to congratulate him, he knew it was real, and it was time to celebrate. He booked a Disney World holiday for the family and could finally enjoy a relaxing time.

Luck O’ the Irish Themed Casino Games

The luck of the Irish is a theme utilized often by casino software developers in creating slots for online and mobile play. Some of the favourites include Finn and the Swirly Spin, Emerald Isle, Irish Eyes, Irish Luck and Irish Gold. Leprechaun themed games are hugely popular, and some of the most enjoyed titles include Leprechaun Goes Egypt, Lucky Leprechaun, Plenty O’ Fortune and the Isle of Plenty.

The popularity of The Leprechaun Slots

Players adore slots featuring leprechauns due to the hint of Irish luck, the pot of gold that is hidden at the end of the rainbow and the Celtic symbols. Most of the slots feature an array of bonus features that further increase the chances of the player to win and with the wide variety of betting options cater for anyone from casual players to high rollers. There is only one way to find out if you have the luck of the Irish and that is to explore some of the latest Irish-themed games.

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