Ireland’s DPC Issues New Orders to Facebook

The Data Protection Commission of Ireland announced that they’d ordered Facebook to terminate transfers of user information. The IDPC issued the preliminary order after sources familiar to Facebook’s operations cited that user data from Europe is sent to America. It’s an action highly unwarranted by Ireland’s Parliament, feeling its falls under the jurisdiction of national security.

Intolerance is commonly associated with Facebook. CEO & Founder Mark Zuckerberg often disobey international protocols for internal benefits. This includes collecting user data from the European Union & transferring it to servers in the United States. When questioned by news sources like CNBC, the Facebook Company refused to provide insight into the situation.

Ireland’s Data Protection Commission issued the preliminary order after the European Union Court of Justice, determined that data transfers to America don’t protect the privacy of civilian personnel in Europe. Multiple nations have launches inquires into Facebook’s data transfer techniques since the EU Court of Justice’s decision.

Unsurprisingly, the EU Courts took this approach, with the United States also targeting Facebook for their abusive collection of user data. Mark Zuckerberg has continually disregard orders from nations outside of America and could find his platform being banned if adherence to international law isn’t respected.

Restrictions on European Data Transfers

The European Union Court of Justice is the highest legal authority for multiple nations, including Ireland. An order was initiated earlier in 2020 that determined European User Data cannot be sent to American servers. This followed after investigations concluded that EU Civilians could not challenge & contest surveillance from the American Government. However, EU Security Agencies have the power required to deter US Data Collected. It’s known that the NSA works alongside Facebook & Google in collecting international data from Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Australia.

Their collection efforts are considered corporate espionage by multiple nations, including Austria & Ireland. It’s known that Austria has backed the lawsuit of Max Scherms, a National Privacy Activist. This man issued a lawsuit against Facebook after revelations from Edward Snowden showed Facebook, Google, and multiple American companies are collecting data from European Citizens. All companies haven’t obeyed the “EU Privacy Shield Agreement”.

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Clifden, Ireland Faces Unprecedented Floods

Irish Civilians from Clifden have experienced floodwaters that weren’t pre-emptively known by experts. Located in the Galway Region of Ireland, torrential downpours occurred throughout August 1st to 2nd. It brought an unprecedented volume of floodwaters for the City of Clifden, with locals expressing that they’ve never seen surges create violent systems & overtake their roads. Torrential rain plummeted onto the Owenglin River, causing for overflowing. Local leaders implemented an evacuation order & multiple homes have been lost since August 1st.

The Galway County Council ordered that educational facilities, government buildings, and roads remaining closed until Galway Fire Service Personnel can clear debris. Though these routes are passable for those needing immediate access to their home, or evacuation, have been permitted to use these roads. Concerns are still active for multiple bridges in the Clifton region, which have water gushing over them even as of August 4th. Engineers are assessing the damage brought to local bridges & determining if structural damage occurred.

The Owenglin River had its water levels begin depleting by noon, dropping by 1.8 Metres. This wasn’t enough to allow homeowners with flooded basements to return home. Another 2.0 Metres is required before permission is granted for housing structural engineers to review these homes. Homeowners will then be informed if their allowed entry, or if their home requires massive repairs. Business owners are facing similar issues & likely won’t reopen operations in Clifden for months to come. This includes the Abbey-Glen Clifden Castle, which experienced an onslaught of the flooding & its historic basement is now ruined.

The GCCs Options

Local civilians from Clifden & Galway County were interviewed on the severe flooding seen between August 1st to 2nd. One civilian named Mr Hughes emphasized that torrential downpours onto the Owenglin River are terrible for their town. Hughes has lived in Clifden since being a little boy and noted that it’s the worst flood that he’s ever seen. How the Clifden Region recovers from the “Owenglin Floods” is unknown. It’s expected that the Galway County Council will request an NDF (National Disaster Funds) from the Irish Government, allowing for rebuilding efforts to begin across Clifden.

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Ireland Nearing Second Lockdown

Communities throughout Northern Ireland are facing notable challenges against the second wave of COVID-19. This nation was the best equipped previously in handling confirmed cases of the coronavirus. However, the 2nd wave is proving more challenging as medical experts predicted. Throughout August 27th to 28th, an additional eighty-nine Irish civilians were confirmed to have a positive contraction of COVID-19. There weren’t any reported deaths from the Department of Health, with real lives lost standing at 560 in Northern Ireland.

The Northern Ireland Department of Health provides locals with a “COVID-19 Infections Dashboard”, which shows where outbreaks are occurring & how many official diagnoses have been made. The dashboard reveals that throughout the last several days, 444 Northern Ireland citizens have contracted COVID-19. It places their total infection count since the pandemic began in January 2020 at 7138. Northern Ireland’s Department of Health mentioned that seventeen citizens remain in hospital, with two patients placed into an undesignated ICU. Those patients aren’t expected to live.

The statistics agency employed by the Northern Ireland Government released their weekly update on COVID-19 deaths, which highly outweighs the figures issued by the Department of Health. NISRA indicated that 871 deaths related to COVID-19 were found in several days. Considering that NISRA obtains data linked to coronavirus deaths & confirmed infections, it’s likely their statistical analysis is correct. The Department of Health didn’t respond to the statistics shown by NISRA, focusing on the infection counts seen in Northern Ireland.

Outbreak Areas

The Department of Health in North Ireland clarified that 222+ thousand civilians had been tested for COVID-19 since the 2nd outbreak of this virus was found. Between August 28th to 29th, more than four thousand citizens have been tested in outbreak regions. It should be noted that there are fifteen active outbreaks of COVID-19 in Northern Ireland. However, that’s considerably lower than the infection regions seen earlier this week. Several days ago, there were more than 180 outbreaks of COVID-19.

In comparison, the Republic of Ireland has reported higher numbers. One hundred forty-two new cases of COVID-19 were recorded on August 28th. It brought their total death toll to 1777, more than double than what’s been seen in Northern Ireland.

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Ireland Reinstates COVID-19 Protocols Amid Spikes

Confirmed cases of the coronavirus are growing worldwide, forcing nations to reinstate their COVID-19 measures to protect large populations. This has applied to Ireland, which throughout the last two weeks has seen a notable spike in confirmed contractions of this deadly virus. Ireland’s Prime Minister has effectively reinstated “COVID-19 Social Distancing Protocols” onto all Irish civilians.

Businesses were informed that employed personnel are permitted & must work from home throughout the coming weeks. The Prime Minister of Ireland, Michael Martin, also enforced that outdoor gatherings have entered previous limitations. This means a maximum of fifteen civilians are permitted in the same location, with face masks & social distancing required, unless those individuals are within their “Social Bubble”. The Irish Government has also placed warnings throughout public transportation sectors, informing citizens that measures are law & fines can ensue if protocols are broken.

Michael Martin is enforcing the updated coronavirus measures until September 13th, meaning a month-long-period where civilians aren’t permitted the same freedoms gifted without an international pandemic influence. This won’t be challenging for the Irish people, who’d previously combatted the COVID-19 virus ferociously. Infection numbers for this nation were considerably lower than the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States.

The Prime Minister of Ireland held a news conference for his people, where Michael Martin noted that the Irish hadn’t entered a stage where normalcy in society can be approached. He’d enforce that Ireland had entered another critical moment when outbreaks could turn into national epidemics, and than pandemics. Michael clarified that multiple clusters of COVID-19 had been seen throughout Ireland, extending to largescale corporations & the homes of Irish civilians. In efforts to combat a small wave of Anti-Mask & Anti-Protocol supporters, Prime Minister Michael Martin is giving law enforcement addition powers to enforce the protocols. Similar methods were used months ago amid Ireland’s initial outbreak of COVID-19.

Reintroduced protocols include:

  • Outdoor gatherings are limited to fifteen civilians.
  • Sporting events cannot allow for guests.
  • Restaurants will close by 11:30 PM until September 13th.
  • Indoor gatherings cannot exceed six people.
  • Elderly citizens have been requested to limit interactions.
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Irish Women Saved After Being Lost at Sea

Galway Bay saw international headlines after two young women were located alive after being missing for sixteen hours. These girls found near Innis Oirr of the Aran Islands, which is considered the most eastern isle of the Irish archipelago. Both women went missing after paddleboarding in Galway Bay, nearby the coastline of Ireland. Aged 23 & 17, a fishing vessel located these young women three miles from Innis Oirr. It meant that they’d drifted substantially from their last known location.

Mike Swan, an Operations Manager for RNLI Galway, informed the media that these women were in good spirits after being rescued from a traumatic sixteen hours. After arriving back to the coastline, the “Irish Coast Guard – Helicopter Rescue 115 Unit” would take these woman via airlift to Galway Hospital. They’ll both go under medical examinations which won’t be made public information, including their identities for the time being.

The RNLI Galway Crew

Both women were located minutes before the RNLI Galway Crew were slated to begin lunchtime, which would’ve likely resulted in the fishermen missing both these women. Luck turned in-favour of these women & was seen after these rescuers started heading towards the lunch bay. Perfect timing resulted in their overnight ordeal ending.

RNLI Galway Crewmember Barry Heskin was interviewed on “RTE Radio”, where he’d note that both women were saved by their buoyancy aids & wet suits. Barry clarified that they would’ve likely died into the cooling waters overnight, not from frigid temperatures but pure exhaustion.

Facing Unsuspecting Odds

It’s suspected that these women had an overwhelming urge to survive during that evening. Galway Bay was particularly dark on August 12th, with heavy rains & thunderstorms threatening the oceanic waters. The attribute of survival was benefited with low wind speeds at 10KPH, and the water temperature wasn’t lower. The combination of these attributes enabled these young women to float in Galway Bay for sixteen hours, amongst the waves & horrifying oceanic thunderstorm.

Irish Citizens in Galway Bay proved themselves honourable, with the Coast Guard receiving assistance from dozens of local fishing vessels. An Open-to-Anyone Search Party ultimately saved these woman’s lives. It’s unguaranteed that Ireland’s Coast Guard would’ve recovered their unidentified missing woman before the ultimate cost was paid.

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Coronavirus Cases Surge in European Nations

The former epicentre for COVID-19 has confirmed a resurgence of coronavirus infections, which follows after the European Union had received global praise for maintaining strict lockdowns. Their diligent efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19 was deemed successful for months, prompting various governments to eliminate a large percentage of their social distancing measures. Those actions have proven foolish after multiple nations in the Union have reported higher infections per day, forcing officials to consider the necessary steps for moving forward.

Ireland has reported their highest number of COVID-19 Cases since May, jumping from the 58 seen last week to 175 over the weekend of August 7th to 9th. It’s prompted for Irish Officials to reimplement COVID-19 Restrictions in various locations across Ireland. That include the Laois, Kildare, and Offaly Counties. Ireland’s Government hopes that with this immediate lockdown that further resurgence of COVID-19 can be eliminated.

Unlike Ireland, which has taken an immediate & strict approach to their resurgence, other nations in the European Union are avoiding action all-together. That pertains towards France, which has entered new highs in their infection rates. French Politicians are refusing to reimplement their COVID-19 Restriction Measures, opposing critics by repeating that their economy must be sustained. It means that Government Personnel in France cares more about their national financial gain than civilian life.

France is counting 1,675 New COVID-19 Cases per day, entering a two-month high that continues to grow weekly. Their single limitation is informing the population to wear any form of face covering, with those below the age of eleven permitted to avoid this restriction. Medical Experts in France suspect that this lacklustre condition is prompting the continued rise of COVID-19, with the additional benefactor of Anti-Maskers growing in France.

New nations in the European Union that are seeing higher infections include Germany at 1045 Daily Infections, Italy at 552 COVID-19 Positive Tests, and Spain at 6912 Daily Infections as of August 7th. These rates of infection show that Ireland is still maintaining a low count at 175, is one of the lowest nations in the European Union. When accounting for the fact that their resurgence of infections is sustained in 3 Counties, not the entire country, Ireland is still combating COVID-19 better than most.

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Ireland Nearing Second COVID-19 Outbreak

The re-emergence of coronavirus in numerous countries that had overcome the pandemic is beginning, with one nation being Ireland. Health authorities in Ireland announced that eight-five new infections of COVID-19 had been confirmed, with an additional death occurring. This marks the highest number of infections seen in Ireland for several weeks, with the Republic now determining what steps are required to move forward & reach numbers closer to zero than one hundred.

The Chief Medical Doctor of Ireland, Ronan Glynn make the confirmation of infections. He emphasized that eight-five new cases showcased how promptly coronavirus can remerge worldwide. Ireland, with their additional COVID-19 death, now stands at a total of 1783. Doctor Glynn mentioned that the Republic’s response moving forward is crucial, creating a point that can return to a lower number or see a secondary outbreak.

Ronan Glynn stated that Irish civilians must avoid large crowds over the next several days, while also committing to social distancing & face masks. The recommendation of regular hand washing was also suggested by Ireland’s Chief Medical Doctor, noting that nobody is immune from this highly infectious virus.

Specific health experts have noted they’re unsurprised reaction towards the increased infections in Ireland. Easing COVID-19 Lockdown Protocols by May 1st created a potential secondary wave. This has been similar worldwide, with reopening economies proving impossible. Those in favour of continued economic operations remark that small percentages of infections are seen with the overall population, typically not surpassing 5%.

These individuals don’t believe that percentages are high enough to induce a secondary lockdown. However, increased infections in Ireland & other nations that have reopened their economies can prompt higher percentages. This has been seen throughout Ireland, Brazil, and Portugal.


The National Public Emergency Team of Ireland provided their civilians with a detailed breakdown of clustered infections. This is allowing the Irish people to avoid certain areas that are deemed unsafe. Those locations include County Kildare, which has 26 confirmed infections of COVID-19. County Dublin is listed at 18 infections, while County Clare is supporting eleven confirmed cases of coronavirus. County Laois announced nine infections throughout their region, and County Limerick confirmed several instances of COVID-19. County Meath had the lowest rate at four virus confirmations.

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Ireland Informs Civilians to Avoid Green List Countries

Travelling in 2020 is impossible under the pandemic conditions associated with COVID-19. Multiple nations are determining which countries are suitable for travel purposes, ensuring that increased infections are brought back home. Civilians in Ireland had anticipated their “Green List for Travelling” would be released by July 20th. Government personnel informed their population that the date had been postponed, with politicians continuing delegations to guarantee safety abroad. Discussions continue to ensure civilians don’t have to quarantine for two weeks upon their arrival back home.

Inside government sources iterate that six nations are being permitted under the green list, which has upset travellers in Ireland that’d been planning for destinations that’ll most likely not be accepted. Their sadness is immeasurable when comparing the loss of life from COVID-19, prompting politicians to disregard naysayers that believe foreign travel should be fully supported.

Taoiseach Michael Martin doesn’t find travelling conditions ideal for his citizens. Ireland’s equivalent of a President is struggling to maintain balance in parliament. Certain politicians have requested that the resumption of travel be permitted, with the overwhelming majority urging their constituents to remain within their national borders this year. Political activists in Ireland supporting coronavirus restrictions have educated naysayers through social media, informing those citizens that an outbreak can occur abroad at any moment.

Excluded Nations

Irish Medical Experts have publicly discussed the issue of international travel. Data indicated that the European Union is experiencing a continually changing battlefront with COVID-19, meaning that nations are supporting minimal infections, but weeks later have significant outbreaks. Concerns from Irish Medical Experts identify that Spain could experience this pattern of infection, prompting most likely for Taoiseach Michael Martin to exclude Ireland’s most popular tourist destination. Substantial portions of Irish tourists will find themselves remaining home for 2020s summer if Spain is eliminated.

Inside government sources also suggest that Great Britain, the United States, and Portugal could also find themselves excluded from the Green List. It could result in political turmoil for Taoiseach Michael Martin. However, the safety of his people is more important that political relationships. It’s unknown when the Irish Government will release its Green List for the 2020 summer holiday season.

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Ireland Government Terminates Phase Four of Lifted Restrictions

The Republic of Ireland announced that they’re not moving forward with the launch of “Phase Four – Coronavirus Roadmap”. The 4th phase would’ve allowed an influx of businesses to resume their operations. However, government concerns regarding a secondary outbreak of COVID-19 have grown since July 10th. New deaths & confirmed infections have forced Ireland’s Taoiseach to keep lockdown measures in the 3rd phase.

Ireland’s Taoiseach issues a formal statement to his people, indicating that the coronavirus hasn’t changed its indiscriminate nature of cruelty & relentless infections. Sentiments continued by noting politicians & health experts alike both are concerned with the confirmed cases of coronavirus seen since last weekend. Details pointed out that the R-COVID Number surpassed level one earlier this week on July 13th. Taoiseach Michael Martin reflected that when reviewing the international situation surrounding coronavirus, it’s better to ask pre-emptily than later.

Michael Martin announced that the Republic of Ireland Cabinet concurred with medical experts on the cancellation of Phase Four. Statements iterated that additional phases could be revoked if infections are increased over the following several days. Below are the five primary conditions that Irish civilians must obey until the 4th phase is re-announced.

  • Facemasks/Protective Personal Equipment must be worn in retail settings, shopping centres, and local shops. This applies to both customers & employed personnel. An additional two metres must be sustained whenever possible to limit the spread of coronavirus.
  • Casinos, Nightclubs, Hotel Bars, and Pubs will remain shutdown until August 10th. Special permission provided to restaurants that don’t serve alcohol.
  • Advisements that Socially Distanced Bubbles cannot exceed ten people, with a maximum of four households supported. Those same individuals can engage within the exclusivity of those ten.
  • Indoor gatherings aren’t to exceed fifty people, with outdoor gatherings permitted a maximum of two hundred civilians. This applies until August 10th.

August 10th will mark the date when Taoiseach Michael Martin will review COVID-19 Lockdown Measures. If pandemic conditions are less than suitable, timeframes will remain in effect until September 10th. This will repeat continually until no infections & deaths are recorded in Ireland. That won’t likely happen until a vaccine is released to Irish citizens.

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Ireland COVID Tracking App Installed by 1 Million Citizens

The Government of Ireland has worked tirelessly towards a COVID-19 Tracking Application. Development began in May 2020, finalizing its production by the end of June. Since being released to the Irish population on July 7th, more than one million citizens have installed the application to their mobile handset in 24 hours. This information was provided directly from the Ireland Department of Health.

The Chief-in-Command for Ireland’s Department of Health detailed what’s possible with their COVID-19 Tracking Application. He emphasized that installing their government-enabled app won’t make civilians immune from COVID-19 but will drastically reduce the risks associated with entering public gatherings. Having such an influx of installations within 24 Hours is something that Paul Reid is incredibly proud of, showing how the Ireland population continually supports deterring COVID-19 from their borders.

Those installing this application receive notifications when someone infected with the virus, or someone who came close with a carrier of COVID-19 is nearby. This allows local populations to leave that respective area & locate a safer part of London to complete their errands. The Chief Medical Officer of Ireland also provided his thoughts on the launch. Doctor Ronan Glynn mentioned that the rate of the installation shows the collective spirit of Ireland points towards the solidarity of COVID-19. It shows that the public response to this virus is similar to medical experts, unlike other nations like America & the United Kingdom.

Sentiments from Doctor Ronan Glynn remarked the importance of downloading the COVID-19 Tracking Application. It’ll create a regional ecosystem that allows hotspots to be avoided, which wasn’t possible until July 7th. Communities supporting high infections can be closed off amongst the public, with civilian populations able to assess conditions themselves. Ronan Glynn finished his remarks by indicating the entire population must install the COVID-19 tracking application to meet its full rate of the effect.

Remaining Cases of COVID-19 in Ireland

Active cases of the novel coronavirus throughout Ireland have dropped significantly. There are twelve confirmed infections in Irish Hospitals, with eleven additional civilians contracting the virus. This means there are less than 25 active cases of COVID-19 in Ireland. Their total number of confirmed infections throughout the pandemic lockdown in 25,542.

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