Dublin Becomes Ghost Town

Ireland didn’t anticipate a second wave of coronavirus, with the nation admirably fighting against the virus between March to August 2020. September would mark the month when infections began increasing, with October seeing a prominent rise & second outbreak of coronavirus. Ireland Politicians engaged similar health measures seen during the first wave of COVID-19, evoking a nationwide lockdown. Ireland is the first European Union nation to reimplement lockdown measures.

Unlike the first wave, which saw nationwide support of the lockdown, the second wave is seeing criticism evoked across the country. That’s because Cabinet Members of Parliament announced that educational facilities would remain open. However, all other aspects of everyday life are shutting down for six consecutive weeks. Healthcare experts have advised multiple nations that opening educational facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic will drastically increase cases. Government officials have ignored recommendations from healthcare experts & it’ll create a continued outbreak of coronavirus.

Locals living in Dublin, the capital city of Ireland, have expressed that their surroundings have become bleak. An eerie landscape has overtaken Dublin, with condensed areas becoming ghost towns. Dublin Residents note that sadness has overcome the region, that everyone is scared for their mental stability & financial wellbeing for a six-week lockdown. Residents across Ireland aren’t even permitted to visit family & friend households, meaning engaging in social lifestyles will become challenging.

Ireland civilians requiring the usage of public transportation to attend their jobs will still have identical routes. However, there’ll be a requirement that riders must wear facemasks or coverings to eliminate the spreading of COVID-19. Capacity is also being limited to 25%, meaning that delays in transportation will likely increase by high volumes. Public transportation riders have been recommended to leave an hour or two early for their respective route.

Christmas Festivities are Possible

COVID-19 has taken the lives of 1800+ Irish civilians, with positive infections increasing across Ireland & the European Union. Surges of the virus are arriving weeks before the winter comes, which will prompt harsher restrictions onto Europeans. Ireland committing to their lockdown earlier than other nations in the Union could mean Christmas & New Years Eve festivities not being cancelled.

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Northern Ireland Enforces Strict Coronavirus Protocols

Infection rates for the coronavirus are increasing in Northern Ireland. For weeks, the Northern Ireland Department of Health has worked diligently to eliminate COVID-19 & not reintroduce physical distancing protocols. October 14th marked the tipping point for the Department of Health with an immeasurable outbreak that cannot be tracked.

Twelve hundred additional cases were recorded between October 13th to 14th, with a further four deaths. ICU bedding & services have become limited in these recent outbreaks, which has forced the Northern Ireland Department of Health to implement stringent protocols around physical distancing. Refusal to abide by updated measures can result in fines worth £1,000.00.

Medical experts throughout Northern Ireland warned weeks ago that relaunching educational facilities & hospitality services would increase infections. Government leaders ignored recommendations from employed experts to combat the coronavirus. Loyalty to economic compensation instead of civilian healthcare has prompted a total of 23,155 cases of COVID-19.

The Department of Health in Northern Ireland stopped waiting for Government personnel to implement stringent physical distancing measures. Legislative authority in times of pandemics enables the DOH to overrule their Government. That’s what the Northern Ireland Department of Health engaged on October 14th and will meet with Government personnel on the 15th to enforce “Support Packages” for civilian personnel. Financial aid extends towards closed businesses under the updated measures. It’ll have angered Northern Ireland’s Prime Minister that the DOH is enforcing his Government’s compliance in COVID-19 protocols.

  • Businesses operating inside the hospitality sector must close-down. Exceptions are in-place for hotels, delivery services, and takeaway restaurants.
  • Hospitality businesses permitted to remain open must close by 11:00 pm.
  • Supermarkets cannot sell liquor after 11:00 pm.
  • Organized contact sports & indoor physical activities must shutdown.
  • Events exceeding fifteen people aren’t permitted any longer.
  • Hairdresser Salons and Makeup Artists must terminate their operations effective immediately.
  • Individual training for gyms is permitted, with classes being cancelled for the foreseeable future.
  • Religious institutions can remain open under the condition that physical distancing & facemasks are implemented. Northern Ireland will review these institutions to ensure compliance.

The Northern Ireland Department of Health has set up a taskforce that’ll review these religious institutions, hospitality locations, supermarkets, local sports programs, hairdressing salons, gyms, and mobile makeup artists. Any businesses not obeying these measures can be fined £10,000.00 or more under certain conditions.

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Total Coronavirus Cases Exceed 1900 in Ireland

The resurgence of COVID-19 in Ireland & Northern Ireland has been extensive. These two nations have struggled to curb the spread of coronavirus in recent weeks, with the commonwealth-established Ireland announcing 617 confirmed cases on from October 8th to 9th. Within those 24 hours, there were also five additional deaths to the virus. This brings the commonwealth nations to a total of 40,703 cases of coronavirus & 1,821 deaths.

Total cases in Ireland are considering higher than their northern brothers. However, the north has struggled to ascertain COVID-19 in recent weeks & has begun seeing higher daily infections. Between October 8th to October 9th, Northern Ireland saw an additional 1000+ cases of coronavirus. Throughout the last several days there have been 5,272 COVID-19 infections in the north. 1,080 of those infections were between October 8th to October 9th. However, the coronavirus hasn’t killed any civilians from Northern Ireland. All have healed from this virus.

Further outbreaks throughout Northern Ireland will leave the independent nation overwhelmed. There are fifteen ICU Beds throughout the north, with sixteen civilians currently requiring ICU care because of COVID-19. That doesn’t account for the additional personnel in need of extensive medical care.

Commonwealth Ireland handed over detailed statistics regarding their infections. This enables civilians to ascertain better the hotspots located nation-wide, and adeptly avoid those areas. Read below for point form statistics.

Gender & Age Details

  • 310 infected males, 307 infected females.
  • 73% of confirmed cases were below 45 Years of Age.
  • Close contact with friends & family resulted in 33% of confirmed cases.
  • Community transmission accounted for 72 cases in Ireland.

Cases Per County

  • Dublin County Infections: 123.
  • Cork County Cases: 107.
  • Meath County Infections: 42.
  • Kerry County Cases: 36.
  • Galway County Infections: 35.
  • 21 Remaining Counties: 274.

Ireland’s Department of Health issued a warning through their Chief Medical Officer, Doctor Tony Holohan. CMO Tony Holohan advised that the continued deterioration of cubing efforts will overwhelm the ICU. Details were provided, noting that over 24-hours there were an additional 32 hospitalizations & eight admissions into the ICU. Two more days of similar transmissions would result in Ireland ICUs becoming overwhelmed. Ireland’s Department of Health is advising that civilians practice extreme social distancing manoeuvres.

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Coronavirus 2nd Wave Consumes Ireland.

Northern Ireland’s Department of Health confirmed that an additional 726 cases of coronavirus were recorded on October 3rd. It marks the 2nd highest infection rate that Northern Ireland has witnessed since the COVID-19 pandemic became an international disaster in January 2020. Northern Ireland’s highest number of infections came on October 2nd at 934 confirmed cases. This means that without 48 hours, 1600+ cases of the virus were accounted & confirmed by the Department of Health.

Increased infections have prompted an evident rise in deaths related to COVID-19. Northern Ireland has sustained ten additional casualties to this virus between October 2nd to 3rd. Throughout the Ireland Republic, which comprises of the Southern Regions, there have been more than 1800 deaths associated with COVID-19. It’s a larger number than what medical experts had anticipated for the nation, which has combatted the virus efficiently. Flu season is prompting the influx of infections & no country is avoiding the 2nd wave. However, this information was known when COVID-19 had become an international pandemic from January to February.

Nine individuals throughout Northern Ireland remained enclosed in “Quarantine Intensive Care”, which means their lives are at risk from the virus, but there’s a possibility for their recovery. Nine patients are drastically low when considering that additional 1600+ cases have been recorded. It shows that similar to international statistics, Northern Ireland’s civilians are combating the virus through their relative immune systems.

New Coronavirus Measures

Two regions throughout Northern Ireland are sustaining notable infections, with those being Strabane & Derry City. Both areas are maintaining 478 confirmed cases of COVID-19 amid a population of 100,000 citizens. It’s prompted the Strabane Council & Derry City Coronavirus Task Force to implement new protocols that demand the consistent quarantining of their citizens.

Refusal will see fines worth thousands of Euros. Both regions have also forced all retail & food services to terminate their operations effective immediately. Business will resume will the 2nd wave concludes, which won’t potentially end until Spring 2021.

For now, Northern Ireland Officials are working diligently to ensure that civilians don’t enter the “Quarantine Intensive Care” status. This will assist the National Health Service in not becoming overwhelmed.

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Anthony Fauci Advises Ireland on Coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the lifestyle of Irish civilians, forcing them to remain indoors during 2020s Flu Season regularly. This follows after Ireland combatted the COVID-19 epidemic promptly and brought their cases to drastically low numbers. When the Flu Season arrived in early September, COVID-19 infections began growing. It’s because those contracted with the virus are also catching various common colds, prompting an increase of sneezing & coughing. These are the two primary ways that COVID-19 travels as an air-born pathogen.

Irish civilians are respectively concerned for their safety, with the 2020 Flu Season marking the first since COVID-19 became an international pandemic. Irish civilians were given a vote of confidence from Anthony Fauci, the Director of America’s Institute of Allergy & Infectious Disease. He appeared via videoconference on Ireland’s Late Show, where Anthony Fauci spoke with the host, Ryan Tubridy. Anthony Fauci pleaded to the Irish people that the COVID-19 pandemic will end & that they all have to hold on for a little longer.

Anthony Fauci for the 1st time provided evidence of when the COVID-19 Vaccine could be internationally deployed, with prying eyes from the Trump Administration not watching over his every sentence. Fauci clarified that by November or December, he’d be informed by CDC Medical Experts is an effective vaccine is plausible for 2021. Anthony noted that after vaccines are distributed worldwide, avoiding each other & adhering to technical public health measures won’t be needed to extreme restrictions.

Having the masses take the COVID-19 Vaccine is going to allow normality in society. However, Anthony Fauci has uttered concern previously over Anti-Vaxxers. Those that’ve taken the Vaccine will be permitted to live under normal conditions, with disobeying citizens likely to receive fines at $5,000.00 or more.

Truth over Movements

Doctor Fauci was questioned on his relationship with Donald Trump, America’s worst president in 100+ years. He clarified that the relationship is alright & that whenever he undermines scientific evidence, Donald Trump is playing a child’s game. Fauci implored the Irish people to abide by health experts & listen to the scientific data/evidence. It should be mentioned that those often disregarding then accuracy of COVID-19 have ultimately caught the virus & large numbers have died.

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Joe Biden Defends the Belfast Agreement

US Presidential Candidate, Joe Biden hasn’t forgotten the Belfast Agreement. Speaking through Twitter, Joe Biden warned the British Parliament that the Belfast Agreement could not become affected by Brexit. The potential president won’t permit a trade deal between Britain & America is the Belfast Agreement isn’t upheld. Joe Biden’s statements have increased pressure onto the British Parliament, which has threatened regularly to disband the Belfast Agreement.

Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, wants domestic legislation signed that’ll override commitments made with the Belfast Agreement. Prime Minister Johnson believes that Terms & Conditions created during Britain’s European Union era can be disbanded. This would destroy domestic trade for Northern Ireland and allow Great Britain to earn higher GDPs. It’s Boris Johnson’s way of trying to gain additional funds to combat government loans being made during COVID-19. However, Joe Biden threatening to disband Britain’s trade agreement with America would drastically lower the UK’s GDP.

Presidential Candidate Joe Biden has reflected that casualties from Brexit cannot affect Northern Ireland. Under his leadership, continuing international trade with Britain is contingent on the Belfast Agreement being honoured. Biden reflects that by ensuring all three nations are protected, the return of hard borders for Ireland is avoided. Political analysts in Great Britain anticipate that Joe Biden’s intervention will put pressure onto Boris Johnson, who has received significant criticism over the controversial decision. The Prime Minister must determine if trading with America is more important than dishonouring the Belfast Agreement.

Potential Fallout

Boris Johnson can’t bet that Joe Biden won’t win the 2020 Presidential Election. He’s leading the poles & likely will become the 46th President of America. It comes after four years of Donald Trump, which has seen countless political travesties. Joe Biden leads the United States would be refreshing for the international stage, with political negotiations with America returning to normal.

Political analysts anticipate that Prime Minister Boris Johnson will stand behind President Donald Trump, and likely move forward with eliminating certain conditions of the Belfast Agreement. It could result in Northern Ireland exiting from Great Britain, similar to how the United Kingdom left the European Union.

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Ireland’s DPC Issues New Orders to Facebook

The Data Protection Commission of Ireland announced that they’d ordered Facebook to terminate transfers of user information. The IDPC issued the preliminary order after sources familiar to Facebook’s operations cited that user data from Europe is sent to America. It’s an action highly unwarranted by Ireland’s Parliament, feeling its falls under the jurisdiction of national security.

Intolerance is commonly associated with Facebook. CEO & Founder Mark Zuckerberg often disobey international protocols for internal benefits. This includes collecting user data from the European Union & transferring it to servers in the United States. When questioned by news sources like CNBC, the Facebook Company refused to provide insight into the situation.

Ireland’s Data Protection Commission issued the preliminary order after the European Union Court of Justice, determined that data transfers to America don’t protect the privacy of civilian personnel in Europe. Multiple nations have launches inquires into Facebook’s data transfer techniques since the EU Court of Justice’s decision.

Unsurprisingly, the EU Courts took this approach, with the United States also targeting Facebook for their abusive collection of user data. Mark Zuckerberg has continually disregard orders from nations outside of America and could find his platform being banned if adherence to international law isn’t respected.

Restrictions on European Data Transfers

The European Union Court of Justice is the highest legal authority for multiple nations, including Ireland. An order was initiated earlier in 2020 that determined European User Data cannot be sent to American servers. This followed after investigations concluded that EU Civilians could not challenge & contest surveillance from the American Government. However, EU Security Agencies have the power required to deter US Data Collected. It’s known that the NSA works alongside Facebook & Google in collecting international data from Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Australia.

Their collection efforts are considered corporate espionage by multiple nations, including Austria & Ireland. It’s known that Austria has backed the lawsuit of Max Scherms, a National Privacy Activist. This man issued a lawsuit against Facebook after revelations from Edward Snowden showed Facebook, Google, and multiple American companies are collecting data from European Citizens. All companies haven’t obeyed the “EU Privacy Shield Agreement”.

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Clifden, Ireland Faces Unprecedented Floods

Irish Civilians from Clifden have experienced floodwaters that weren’t pre-emptively known by experts. Located in the Galway Region of Ireland, torrential downpours occurred throughout August 1st to 2nd. It brought an unprecedented volume of floodwaters for the City of Clifden, with locals expressing that they’ve never seen surges create violent systems & overtake their roads. Torrential rain plummeted onto the Owenglin River, causing for overflowing. Local leaders implemented an evacuation order & multiple homes have been lost since August 1st.

The Galway County Council ordered that educational facilities, government buildings, and roads remaining closed until Galway Fire Service Personnel can clear debris. Though these routes are passable for those needing immediate access to their home, or evacuation, have been permitted to use these roads. Concerns are still active for multiple bridges in the Clifton region, which have water gushing over them even as of August 4th. Engineers are assessing the damage brought to local bridges & determining if structural damage occurred.

The Owenglin River had its water levels begin depleting by noon, dropping by 1.8 Metres. This wasn’t enough to allow homeowners with flooded basements to return home. Another 2.0 Metres is required before permission is granted for housing structural engineers to review these homes. Homeowners will then be informed if their allowed entry, or if their home requires massive repairs. Business owners are facing similar issues & likely won’t reopen operations in Clifden for months to come. This includes the Abbey-Glen Clifden Castle, which experienced an onslaught of the flooding & its historic basement is now ruined.

The GCCs Options

Local civilians from Clifden & Galway County were interviewed on the severe flooding seen between August 1st to 2nd. One civilian named Mr Hughes emphasized that torrential downpours onto the Owenglin River are terrible for their town. Hughes has lived in Clifden since being a little boy and noted that it’s the worst flood that he’s ever seen. How the Clifden Region recovers from the “Owenglin Floods” is unknown. It’s expected that the Galway County Council will request an NDF (National Disaster Funds) from the Irish Government, allowing for rebuilding efforts to begin across Clifden.

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Ireland Nearing Second Lockdown

Communities throughout Northern Ireland are facing notable challenges against the second wave of COVID-19. This nation was the best equipped previously in handling confirmed cases of the coronavirus. However, the 2nd wave is proving more challenging as medical experts predicted. Throughout August 27th to 28th, an additional eighty-nine Irish civilians were confirmed to have a positive contraction of COVID-19. There weren’t any reported deaths from the Department of Health, with real lives lost standing at 560 in Northern Ireland.

The Northern Ireland Department of Health provides locals with a “COVID-19 Infections Dashboard”, which shows where outbreaks are occurring & how many official diagnoses have been made. The dashboard reveals that throughout the last several days, 444 Northern Ireland citizens have contracted COVID-19. It places their total infection count since the pandemic began in January 2020 at 7138. Northern Ireland’s Department of Health mentioned that seventeen citizens remain in hospital, with two patients placed into an undesignated ICU. Those patients aren’t expected to live.

The statistics agency employed by the Northern Ireland Government released their weekly update on COVID-19 deaths, which highly outweighs the figures issued by the Department of Health. NISRA indicated that 871 deaths related to COVID-19 were found in several days. Considering that NISRA obtains data linked to coronavirus deaths & confirmed infections, it’s likely their statistical analysis is correct. The Department of Health didn’t respond to the statistics shown by NISRA, focusing on the infection counts seen in Northern Ireland.

Outbreak Areas

The Department of Health in North Ireland clarified that 222+ thousand civilians had been tested for COVID-19 since the 2nd outbreak of this virus was found. Between August 28th to 29th, more than four thousand citizens have been tested in outbreak regions. It should be noted that there are fifteen active outbreaks of COVID-19 in Northern Ireland. However, that’s considerably lower than the infection regions seen earlier this week. Several days ago, there were more than 180 outbreaks of COVID-19.

In comparison, the Republic of Ireland has reported higher numbers. One hundred forty-two new cases of COVID-19 were recorded on August 28th. It brought their total death toll to 1777, more than double than what’s been seen in Northern Ireland.

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Ireland Reinstates COVID-19 Protocols Amid Spikes

Confirmed cases of the coronavirus are growing worldwide, forcing nations to reinstate their COVID-19 measures to protect large populations. This has applied to Ireland, which throughout the last two weeks has seen a notable spike in confirmed contractions of this deadly virus. Ireland’s Prime Minister has effectively reinstated “COVID-19 Social Distancing Protocols” onto all Irish civilians.

Businesses were informed that employed personnel are permitted & must work from home throughout the coming weeks. The Prime Minister of Ireland, Michael Martin, also enforced that outdoor gatherings have entered previous limitations. This means a maximum of fifteen civilians are permitted in the same location, with face masks & social distancing required, unless those individuals are within their “Social Bubble”. The Irish Government has also placed warnings throughout public transportation sectors, informing citizens that measures are law & fines can ensue if protocols are broken.

Michael Martin is enforcing the updated coronavirus measures until September 13th, meaning a month-long-period where civilians aren’t permitted the same freedoms gifted without an international pandemic influence. This won’t be challenging for the Irish people, who’d previously combatted the COVID-19 virus ferociously. Infection numbers for this nation were considerably lower than the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States.

The Prime Minister of Ireland held a news conference for his people, where Michael Martin noted that the Irish hadn’t entered a stage where normalcy in society can be approached. He’d enforce that Ireland had entered another critical moment when outbreaks could turn into national epidemics, and than pandemics. Michael clarified that multiple clusters of COVID-19 had been seen throughout Ireland, extending to largescale corporations & the homes of Irish civilians. In efforts to combat a small wave of Anti-Mask & Anti-Protocol supporters, Prime Minister Michael Martin is giving law enforcement addition powers to enforce the protocols. Similar methods were used months ago amid Ireland’s initial outbreak of COVID-19.

Reintroduced protocols include:

  • Outdoor gatherings are limited to fifteen civilians.
  • Sporting events cannot allow for guests.
  • Restaurants will close by 11:30 PM until September 13th.
  • Indoor gatherings cannot exceed six people.
  • Elderly citizens have been requested to limit interactions.
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