Ireland Nearing Second COVID-19 Outbreak

The re-emergence of coronavirus in numerous countries that had overcome the pandemic is beginning, with one nation being Ireland. Health authorities in Ireland announced that eight-five new infections of COVID-19 had been confirmed, with an additional death occurring. This marks the highest number of infections seen in Ireland for several weeks, with the Republic now determining what steps are required to move forward & reach numbers closer to zero than one hundred.

The Chief Medical Doctor of Ireland, Ronan Glynn make the confirmation of infections. He emphasized that eight-five new cases showcased how promptly coronavirus can remerge worldwide. Ireland, with their additional COVID-19 death, now stands at a total of 1783. Doctor Glynn mentioned that the Republic’s response moving forward is crucial, creating a point that can return to a lower number or see a secondary outbreak.

Ronan Glynn stated that Irish civilians must avoid large crowds over the next several days, while also committing to social distancing & face masks. The recommendation of regular hand washing was also suggested by Ireland’s Chief Medical Doctor, noting that nobody is immune from this highly infectious virus.

Specific health experts have noted they’re unsurprised reaction towards the increased infections in Ireland. Easing COVID-19 Lockdown Protocols by May 1st created a potential secondary wave. This has been similar worldwide, with reopening economies proving impossible. Those in favour of continued economic operations remark that small percentages of infections are seen with the overall population, typically not surpassing 5%.

These individuals don’t believe that percentages are high enough to induce a secondary lockdown. However, increased infections in Ireland & other nations that have reopened their economies can prompt higher percentages. This has been seen throughout Ireland, Brazil, and Portugal.


The National Public Emergency Team of Ireland provided their civilians with a detailed breakdown of clustered infections. This is allowing the Irish people to avoid certain areas that are deemed unsafe. Those locations include County Kildare, which has 26 confirmed infections of COVID-19. County Dublin is listed at 18 infections, while County Clare is supporting eleven confirmed cases of coronavirus. County Laois announced nine infections throughout their region, and County Limerick confirmed several instances of COVID-19. County Meath had the lowest rate at four virus confirmations.

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Ireland Informs Civilians to Avoid Green List Countries

Travelling in 2020 is impossible under the pandemic conditions associated with COVID-19. Multiple nations are determining which countries are suitable for travel purposes, ensuring that increased infections are brought back home. Civilians in Ireland had anticipated their “Green List for Travelling” would be released by July 20th. Government personnel informed their population that the date had been postponed, with politicians continuing delegations to guarantee safety abroad. Discussions continue to ensure civilians don’t have to quarantine for two weeks upon their arrival back home.

Inside government sources iterate that six nations are being permitted under the green list, which has upset travellers in Ireland that’d been planning for destinations that’ll most likely not be accepted. Their sadness is immeasurable when comparing the loss of life from COVID-19, prompting politicians to disregard naysayers that believe foreign travel should be fully supported.

Taoiseach Michael Martin doesn’t find travelling conditions ideal for his citizens. Ireland’s equivalent of a President is struggling to maintain balance in parliament. Certain politicians have requested that the resumption of travel be permitted, with the overwhelming majority urging their constituents to remain within their national borders this year. Political activists in Ireland supporting coronavirus restrictions have educated naysayers through social media, informing those citizens that an outbreak can occur abroad at any moment.

Excluded Nations

Irish Medical Experts have publicly discussed the issue of international travel. Data indicated that the European Union is experiencing a continually changing battlefront with COVID-19, meaning that nations are supporting minimal infections, but weeks later have significant outbreaks. Concerns from Irish Medical Experts identify that Spain could experience this pattern of infection, prompting most likely for Taoiseach Michael Martin to exclude Ireland’s most popular tourist destination. Substantial portions of Irish tourists will find themselves remaining home for 2020s summer if Spain is eliminated.

Inside government sources also suggest that Great Britain, the United States, and Portugal could also find themselves excluded from the Green List. It could result in political turmoil for Taoiseach Michael Martin. However, the safety of his people is more important that political relationships. It’s unknown when the Irish Government will release its Green List for the 2020 summer holiday season.

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Ireland Government Terminates Phase Four of Lifted Restrictions

The Republic of Ireland announced that they’re not moving forward with the launch of “Phase Four – Coronavirus Roadmap”. The 4th phase would’ve allowed an influx of businesses to resume their operations. However, government concerns regarding a secondary outbreak of COVID-19 have grown since July 10th. New deaths & confirmed infections have forced Ireland’s Taoiseach to keep lockdown measures in the 3rd phase.

Ireland’s Taoiseach issues a formal statement to his people, indicating that the coronavirus hasn’t changed its indiscriminate nature of cruelty & relentless infections. Sentiments continued by noting politicians & health experts alike both are concerned with the confirmed cases of coronavirus seen since last weekend. Details pointed out that the R-COVID Number surpassed level one earlier this week on July 13th. Taoiseach Michael Martin reflected that when reviewing the international situation surrounding coronavirus, it’s better to ask pre-emptily than later.

Michael Martin announced that the Republic of Ireland Cabinet concurred with medical experts on the cancellation of Phase Four. Statements iterated that additional phases could be revoked if infections are increased over the following several days. Below are the five primary conditions that Irish civilians must obey until the 4th phase is re-announced.

  • Facemasks/Protective Personal Equipment must be worn in retail settings, shopping centres, and local shops. This applies to both customers & employed personnel. An additional two metres must be sustained whenever possible to limit the spread of coronavirus.
  • Casinos, Nightclubs, Hotel Bars, and Pubs will remain shutdown until August 10th. Special permission provided to restaurants that don’t serve alcohol.
  • Advisements that Socially Distanced Bubbles cannot exceed ten people, with a maximum of four households supported. Those same individuals can engage within the exclusivity of those ten.
  • Indoor gatherings aren’t to exceed fifty people, with outdoor gatherings permitted a maximum of two hundred civilians. This applies until August 10th.

August 10th will mark the date when Taoiseach Michael Martin will review COVID-19 Lockdown Measures. If pandemic conditions are less than suitable, timeframes will remain in effect until September 10th. This will repeat continually until no infections & deaths are recorded in Ireland. That won’t likely happen until a vaccine is released to Irish citizens.

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Ireland COVID Tracking App Installed by 1 Million Citizens

The Government of Ireland has worked tirelessly towards a COVID-19 Tracking Application. Development began in May 2020, finalizing its production by the end of June. Since being released to the Irish population on July 7th, more than one million citizens have installed the application to their mobile handset in 24 hours. This information was provided directly from the Ireland Department of Health.

The Chief-in-Command for Ireland’s Department of Health detailed what’s possible with their COVID-19 Tracking Application. He emphasized that installing their government-enabled app won’t make civilians immune from COVID-19 but will drastically reduce the risks associated with entering public gatherings. Having such an influx of installations within 24 Hours is something that Paul Reid is incredibly proud of, showing how the Ireland population continually supports deterring COVID-19 from their borders.

Those installing this application receive notifications when someone infected with the virus, or someone who came close with a carrier of COVID-19 is nearby. This allows local populations to leave that respective area & locate a safer part of London to complete their errands. The Chief Medical Officer of Ireland also provided his thoughts on the launch. Doctor Ronan Glynn mentioned that the rate of the installation shows the collective spirit of Ireland points towards the solidarity of COVID-19. It shows that the public response to this virus is similar to medical experts, unlike other nations like America & the United Kingdom.

Sentiments from Doctor Ronan Glynn remarked the importance of downloading the COVID-19 Tracking Application. It’ll create a regional ecosystem that allows hotspots to be avoided, which wasn’t possible until July 7th. Communities supporting high infections can be closed off amongst the public, with civilian populations able to assess conditions themselves. Ronan Glynn finished his remarks by indicating the entire population must install the COVID-19 tracking application to meet its full rate of the effect.

Remaining Cases of COVID-19 in Ireland

Active cases of the novel coronavirus throughout Ireland have dropped significantly. There are twelve confirmed infections in Irish Hospitals, with eleven additional civilians contracting the virus. This means there are less than 25 active cases of COVID-19 in Ireland. Their total number of confirmed infections throughout the pandemic lockdown in 25,542.

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Mixed Messages with Travel Restrictions

The Government of Ireland announced that lifting restrictions on international travel wouldn’t be considered until July 20th. Increased exposure of COVID-19 worldwide between July 7th to 20th will prompt Leo Varadkar to prolong these restrictions, ensuring the safety of Irish civilians. Challenges await the Irish Prime Minister after reports indicate tourists are traversing from England to Ireland via the Ferry. Nothing is being done to avoid these individuals crossing the English Channel, with both nations holding strong economic bonds. Deterring the Ireland Ferry from entering Great Britain could cause adverse effects onto this relationship.

Businesses operating in the tourist industry have expressed their concern about banned international travel. European nations are permitting an exclusive list of countries to enter their borders, allowing for economic trading & delegations to resume. Leo Varadkar indicated that an “Ireland Air Bridge” will require specialized agreements with a “Green List” of countries. Nations supporting high cases of COVID-19 won’t be permitted to enter Ireland, which extends to countries that aren’t testing for the virus properly. It’s for these reasons that Americans aren’t technically allowed to enter Ireland. Each one vacation in Irish Territories are breaking the law & can be imprisoned for prolonged periods.

Those wanting to traverse the scenic vistas of Ireland must first obtain permission from the government. Afterwards, fourteen days of self-isolation is required. COVID-19 Passenger Locator Forms must be filled out to ensure civilian compliance with these orders. Those not obeying these standards are returned home & possibly barred from entering Ireland for prolonged periods.

Biased Criticism for Prime Minister Varadkar

Travel Restriction Delays from Leo Varadkar follow after his Chief Medical Officer remarked concern for tourists leaving & entering Ireland. Re-infection could cause a 2nd wave of COVID-19, which would be deadlier and hardcore to overcome. This hasn’t stopped various groups in Ireland to ruthlessly criticize Leo Varadkar, like the Irish Travel Agents Association. They claim that Ireland’s Prime Minister continues to send mixed messages over what’s to come with tourism.

The Irish Travel Agents Association doesn’t maintain any foothold with the Ireland Government & their sentiments have gone unwarranted from Leo Varadkar. The Prime Minister is more concerned for the wellbeing of elderly & young civilians across Ireland.

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British Civilians to be Quarantined in Ireland

The country of Ireland has announced it will be placing new quarantine rules into effect for travellers from Britain next month even though the country is lifting restrictions against other international travellers. This is directly related to the United Kingdom’s “significantly poorer” response to dealing with and controlling the coronavirus pandemic.

Ireland has managed much better than the UK in the number of reported coronavirus cases and has a significantly lower number of deaths. Currently, Ireland has so far has 1,726 fatalities contributed to the virus, while the United Kingdom has had in excess of 43,000. In addition to its large number of deaths, there have been over 310,000 confirmed cases within the UK, an extraordinarily high number when compared to similar sized and populated countries. 

As a result, Ireland has opted to exclude UK travellers hoping to travel to the country next month. Boris Johnson, the prime minister of the UK, has faced a severe amount of negative press in his lack of effective actions in response to the pandemic and taking appropriate measures to steam its spreading. Johnson himself was diagnosed with the virus and was hospitalized in the ICU.

Current Rules Require Mandatory Quarantine

Under its current rules, all visitors to the country have to undergo mandatory 14-day quarantine to prevent any possible spreading of the virus within the country. However, Dublin next month will put into effect a plan to allow certain countries permission to travel into the country as part of its “air bridges” plan. However, only countries with low infection rates will be granted permission.

According to a leaked government document, it is not expected to see the United Kingdom added to that list any time soon as reported by an independent newspaper in Ireland. The leaked memo states that “mandatory restricted movement” will be in effect on countries such as the United States and the UK due to the continued excessive levels of infection.

This is a significant decision when considering the Common Travel Area that has long existed between the two counties that allows free movement across the Irish Sea. How long it will remain in effect will be dependent on the number of infections in the UK and how the government adjusts its position in controlling it.

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Ireland Requests Additional Funds from EU Recovery Fund

The Ireland Government will face better economic growth than their Northern Brothers that remain part of the United Kingdom. Ireland itself is associated with the European Union, allowing their nation to obtain finances from the EU Recovery Fund. Northern Ireland cannot access recovery funds with the United Kingdom, as Boris Johnson hasn’t worked to help any nation other than Great Britain. It leaves Independent Ireland is a financially better position, with it expected they’ll obtain €750 million towards their economic regrowth.

Ireland isn’t the independent nation receiving finances from the EU Recovery Fund. All countries connected with the European Union will obtain a percentage. The challenge is diverting these funds properly to nations that’ve been affected worse than others. Belgium has been given the responsibility of managing this goal, with Switzerland losing their bid from concerns of money laundering. This has been a significant issue within the Switzerland Financial Institution for decades.

The European Union Recovery Fund is awarding Ireland with an initial €3 billion in funds. Their significant percentage is because they’ve become a wealthy state in the European Union, with their industrial growth being extensive in comparison to other countries in the EU. Distributed funds determined by Belgium is managed through the European Commission Calculator, which the Ireland President claims hadn’t accurately reflected the impact of his nation onto Europe’s economy. Leo Varadkar believes Ireland is worth an additional €750 million.

Fighting for More

Finances aren’t the exclusive attribute of Post-Coronavirus that Leo Varadkar plans to combat. Inside sources clarified that the Irish Government would demand Brexit be recognized as a factor into their nation-wide losses. Brexit should’ve exclusively affected Northern Ireland, leaving Leo Varadkar’s jurisdiction undisturbed. Minor losses are attributed to Brexit for Independent Ireland & have led some political analysts to question what the Irish President’s goals are with these acquired finances.

It should be mentioned that the European Union Recovery Fund hasn’t even entered fruition. Leaders from each respective nations must approve these funds being disbursed. Whichever side has the overwhelming votes will go into effect. This means there’s a small chance that the EU Recovery Fund won’t come into existence. Politics could outweigh assistance.

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Northern Ireland Aviation Industry Job Losses Begin

Six Hundred Positions with Bombardier Aerospace – Northern Ireland Division, have been terminated. This announcement was made directly by the aviation company, citing that this decision was forced by the logistical challenges associated with COVID-19. It’s brought upon challenges that Bombardier wasn’t expecting.

Internationally speaking, this aviation firm has terminated positions in all its operational countries. The nation worst affected is Canada, who lost 2500+ jobs for the again cited reasoning of logistical challenges—announcing that Northern Ireland would also be job losses dents their economic goals for 2020.

Details indicate that 400 Factory Workers that are deemed “Non-Essential” will be terminated. The remaining 200 Employed Personnel will be from the Corporate Division. It should be noted that this affects the Greater Belfast Region, with these civilians now being hard-pressed to locate another job in their industry.

Bombardier Aerospace provided a formal statement to those losing their positions in the next several days. Apologies were mentioned towards the impact this’ll bring onto Northern Ireland Families & their overall workforce. Sentiments would continue by noting that B.A. was forced into these circumstances because of the coronavirus, meaning their business operations had to be reformatted. Bombardier Aerospace would’ve ultimately entered bankruptcy otherwise.

The Northern Ireland Economic Minister was questioned on what she’ll do to assist these individuals that lost their jobs. Diane Dodd’s responded by indicating that education programs & financial aid will be provided to the terminated workforce at Bombardier Aerospace. This means that through government funding, individuals that cannot find another position in their industry within ninety days will be permitted training for a new career.

The Upcoming Challenges

The Aviation & Aerospace Industries are struggling tenfold because of COVID-19. Airliners that purchase contracts from firms like Bombardier Aerospace have dropped by 98.3% since March 2020. All corporations in this market space have worked towards eliminating costs & saving finances amid the pandemic. This includes Rolls Royce – Aerospace Division, which confirmed thousands of positions worldwide would be terminated. It’s not known if the Aviation Industry will recover from COVID-19 as they did during 9/11.

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Phase Five of COVID Restrictions Terminated in Ireland

Ireland is entering their 5th Phase of Lifted Coronavirus Restrictions, allowing its civilians to traverse the nation with minor limitations. This announcement came after Ireland’s Taoiseach had confirmed that COVID-19 had successfully been flattened & stopped throughout Ireland, which is thanks to the valiant efforts of Irish civilians. The 5th Phase wasn’t slated to begin until August 10th, with that date being dropped to July 20th. Employed personnel will be permitted to return to Non-Essential Duties, while Irish Pubs can be reopened. Exceptional circumstances can permit the July 20th date to decrease towards June 27th, with those attributes governed by their essential societal requirements.

Most Irish Pubs would’ve avoided the July 20th reopening date, moving towards the June 27th timeframe by implementing a loophole in the Lifted Coronavirus Restrictions. This loophole pertained towards the hospitality industry, with dining services enabled to open earlier than alcoholic bars. Locations deemed to maintain liquor exclusively would’ve added additional items to their menu, entering the hospitality category & advancing towards the June 27th date.

Breaking down this information reveals that Ireland is restarting its economy three weeks earlier than anticipated. This has prompted medical advisors in Northern & Southern Ireland to warn their civilians, requesting they remain vigilant to ensure that the COVID-19 curve remains flattened. The chances of this happening are minimal, as corporations & local businesses would have to implement social distancing measures on their own accords. Multiple civilians wouldn’t be willing to agree by those standards, forcing limited profits onto these local businesses. Subsequently, those permitted into these facilities will reach full capacity & exceed the two-metre distancing recommended by world health experts.

Confirmed Dates

It should be noted that additional restrictions being lifted apply towards Playgrounds, Schools, Travelling Radius, and Tourism. Civilians in Ireland will be permitted to travel anywhere in their borders without stoppages, while Playgrounds for children will reopen by June 8th. The Tourism Sector is reopening in by June 29th, allowing for international tourists to resume their vacations in Ireland. It should be mentioned that most COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted by June 29th in Ireland, including the closure of schools.

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Brazilian Assassins Arrested in Ireland

It’s been less than two weeks since lockdown measures in Ireland began being lifted & local news outlets are headlining reports of unconventional behaviour. The most recent headline applies towards four Brazilian Men that were arrested for suspected assassination. How these men were able to enter Ireland isn’t known, with speculation being that a designated shipping vessel transported these Brazilians illegally. They were found carrying a Sawn-Off Shotgun & Multiple Submachine Guns. Local Irish Law Enforcement suspects these men of being on route to assassinate a member in a rivalling gang.

These headlines are more familiar with Latin America, not the United Kingdom. When Ireland’s Law Enforcement intercepted these four Brazilians, the quick movement was required to avoid an attack. Officers reported that these men reached for their weapons before being apprehended. Reports of Brazilian Men in Clara prompted these officers to set up a checkpoint shortly ahead in Offaly County. This informative detail from an unknown civilian allowed for law enforcement to apprehend these men within half an hour of the initial report.

These men were travelling in two vehicles, with the 1st being a van and the 2nd being a sedan. The Emergency Response Unit apprehended these men after initiating a “Hard Stop”. This involves placing multiple police cruises into a star-shaped pattern around the suspected vehicles. It creates significant challenges when trying to leave the scene.

Tips Lead to Arrest

The Garda Siochana, the Police Force of Ireland, provided a formal statement regarding this arrest. It was noted that these men are being detained with 30 State Act Offences against them. Multiple firearms were recovered & these Brazilian Assassins are suspected to see a judge in less than 24 hours. Details from their statements note that their suspicions relate to gangs in Portlaoise and Tullamore.

Before a local civilian received an insightful tip, the Garda Siochana received intelligence indicating that a Portlaoise Gang hired assassins to murder a rival house in Tullamore. This shows that crime percentages in Ireland are continuing to escalate after the COVID-19 lockdown period. It should be mentioned that crime percentages are increasing worldwide, which follows after large portions lost their jobs permanently.

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