Northern Ireland’s Tourist Boom

The Coastline for Northern Ireland is rated as one of the most beautiful destinations worldwide. Limestone cliffs with ancient castles from the 1600s bring thousands of tourists to this location yearly. The natural landscape isn’t the only factor that brings tourists to Northern Ireland. Locals are known for being friendly with tales to tell and hospitality to share. Travelling to this destination most likely means staying in Belfast, a town which has been active since the Industrial Revolution. Belfast began famously in the early 1900s for its shipbuilding, linen production and high-grade rope. Unfortunately, Northern Ireland faced numerous political conflictions throughout the 90s and early 2000s. Subsequently, they’ve been recovering for the last ten years.

Those supporting the resurgence of Northern Ireland are curious about which tourist destinations are the best. Saint George’s Market, which was first developed in the 1800s, is one of the most active areas in Belfast during the weekends. Tourists can locate Celtic-esc jewellery, produce from local farmers and butchers. Individuals wanting to part from the food scene can enter the Cathedral District, which will have narrow-cobblestoned streets with buildings from the 1700s. Throughout this district, there are numerous shops, music venues and local restaurants sharing Irish cuisine.

One of the salient historical facts about Belfast is the Titanic, as this is where the infamous vessel was built. Travelling to the Titanic Quarter in Belfast’s Docks, individuals will locate a museum. First established in the late 1900s, this museum was revamped in 2012 for the modern era. It provides historical evidence, heartbreaking stories and photographic evidence of the 1500 individuals that drowned on the Titanic.

Historical Locations

Tourists that are willing to escape the entertainment of Belfast should consider visiting Dunluce Castle. Located on the MacQuillans Cliffs in the 1500s. Built by the infamous MacDonnell family of Ireland, it served as their state-land until the 1550s. They’d eventually relocate to the Glenarm Castle in the late 1660s, with Dunluce quickly fallen to decay and ruin. The Glenarm Castle remains the home for the MacDonnell family and can be visited today.

When the Dunluce Castle was built in the 1500s, the Downhill Demesne was built 268 years later for the Bishop of Derry. This historical location is set against the cliffs, with the Mussenden Temple located on the edge of the MacQuillans Cliff. Travelling to this destination will enable tourists to witness the awe-inspiring views of the Downhill Beach, which look up towards these limestone cliffs.

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Ireland’s Seaside Towns

There aren’t many countries that maintain the same level of beauty as Ireland. It’s been some time since we’ve discussed the local hotspots in Ireland, with this most recent list pertaining to the seaside towns that border the Atlantic. Below we have comprised the three top locations for locals or international travellers to visit. They include sites known for their incredible surfing, their beautiful ports and white sand beaches. Read below to find out what three Seaside Towns are best for your upcoming vacation in Ireland.


The 1st town on our list in Lahinch, which is an infamous destination for global surfers. The shape of its cover creates the perfect natural design for large waves to barrel towards the beach. This beach extends to 2km, with the sands being some of the softest in Ireland. Maintaining a light beige colour, the sands lead to Burren Falls. It’s one of the most photogenic and iconic towns offered to international travellers.

It should be noted that limestone from the glacial era creates a unique shape to Lahinch Cove. These limestone cliffs create blooming swirls of grey and black rock, which extend to the Cliffs of Moher. Both of which are awe-inspiring experiences that centre the Village of Doolin for any tourist requirements.


The 2nd location on our Seaside Town List is Westport, which is considered the cleanest and tidiest town across Ireland. Unfortunately, this location is small in size and requires extensive travelling from the capital. Location-wise, international travellers will traverse one of the most stunning landscapes and roads maintained worldwide, with panoramic views of the coastline a hand-lengths away.

It’s for these reasons that travelling is hazardous, with road conditions often being unfavourable with heightened tides. Regardless, reaching the destination of Westport Connemara is worth the trek. You enter an area with vast castles that govern over extensive landscapes. Those that travel to Connemara will receive traditional insight on how older generations of the Irish lived.


The 3rd and final Seaside Town for this list are Wexford, which is an infamous destination amongst the locals. Numerous children from multiple generations have played on the long-standing beach and swam in the local watering hole. Known by locals as the Blue Flag Beaches, it’s the location that was used by Steven Spielberg for Saving Private Ryan. It’s the largest beach in Ireland, allowing for plenty of space for thousands of families. However, it might be hard to get the war film out of your mind.

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Ireland’s Top Three Historical Locations

Ireland is historically one of the most extensive countries worldwide. It holds significant pieces of history, including passage tombs that predate Stonehenge. There’s everything from Abbeys to Castles, with prehistoric monuments located country-wide. Included with these historical entities are legends and mythologies, which compiled more than five thousand years of human history. Below we have compiled the three best historical destinations maintained in Ireland for tourists to visit.

  • Rock of Cashel

The first is the Rock of Cashel, which is a ceremonial centre that’s used for the Kings of Munster. It compiled numerous turreted buildings, which oversee the Cormac Chapel and Church. This location predates to 1134, showcasing architecture that’s been lost for thousands of years. Countless other societies throughout time have located the Rock of Cashel and built their sanctuaries. Subsequently, there is a 15th Century Hall of the Vicars and a Gothic Cathedral from the 13th century.

  • Kilkenny Medieval Mile

The second-best destination for tourists is the Medieval Mile, which predates to the 13th century. It includes a castle with gothic elements, which is older than 800 years. There is also a cathedral from the 13th century and ancient buildings that go further back than the 10th century. These cobbled streets are infamous for its extensive amount of history. The most notable structures at the Kilkenny Medieval Mile include the St. Canice Cathedral, the Roth House, the ancient town hall, and the museum. When travelling to the museum, some of the most famous artefacts and artworks from the Kilkenny area are displayed to tourists.

  • Hillsborough Castle

The third and final most pivotal location for a tourist to visit is the Hillsborough Castle, which was the previous Royale Palace for Ireland. Today it remains apart of the British Royal Family, who visit it yearly whenever visiting the country. It’s 19km from Belfast and has undergone significant renovations throughout its history, with the most recent being in 2018. Visitors can experience guided tours, which showcase the various staterooms and the throne room. The Hillsborough Castle is still one of the most significant buildings for royalty worldwide, with the Queen annually holding events at this location. This includes Royal Weddings and Government affairs.

Final Thoughts

For those who want to experience Ireland with its rich culture, ancient architecture, and historic properties, these locations are the best destinations for you. Travelling to Medieval Mile and Rock of Cashel won’t cost any admission fees to visitors, with the only site requiring payment being Hillsborough Castle.

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Ancient Humans Nestled in Ireland

Archaeologists have spent the better far of five years researching a historical site in Northern Ireland. The Navan Fort is one of the most important sites worldwide, being one of the main tourist attractions in Ulster. It’s here that the Irish Kingdom of Ulaid thrived for hundreds of years. Little information is known on how these people thrived in the harsh conditions, with recent studies indicating that pork was roasted regularly. Migration data noted that tribes in Ireland travelled north yearly for a significant feast. This study was completed by uncovering evidence on 36 pig remains.

Excavations in the Kingdom of Ulaid began in late 2015, where it was revealed that this kingdom thrived during the Iron Age of Ireland. It was a site of significant ritual important, with human remains being gifted with various items for the other side. This new study shows that citizens of ancient Ireland visited this site with their livestock, offering it to the feast and those Nordic Chiefs higher ranked than themselves.

The most recent studies were held by Cardiff University in Wales, with Richard Madgwick taking on the role of Head Archeologist for the excavation. He noted that this study proves that Iron Age Ireland was mobile, moving at distances greater than anyone had thought before this study. The group of archaeologists used chemical signature technologies to identify the remaining particles of food leftover in these carcasses. These signatures showed that the human remains had animal meat preserved in their enamel. Scottish and Irish Pigs were identified in these signatures as isotopes. This has led to additional questions on if the two countries engaged in trading via the sea.

Additional Questions

The pigs remain found in this location are incredibly rare for the Iron Age. Navan Fort wasn’t just a spiritual centre for the ancient people of Ireland, but also a feasting site. Irish literature from this period confirms that pork was the preferred food for chiefs and high-level officials. Its influence was wide-reaching, expanding to Scotland. The isotopes found in these pig remains have a direct correlation to new bodies found at Stonehenge, indicating that England was connected to Scotland and Ireland. Subsequently, the evidence appears to portray a picture of an Ancient United Kingdom.

It should be noted that transporting these animals throughout the Iron Age period was incredibly challenging. It would’ve involved significant efforts to ensure the purity of the meat and would have taken a substantial amount of time. That is why this evidence from the Cardiff University study is drastically essential.

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Amazon Purchasing an Ireland Warehouse

The Amazon Corporation has had an expansion, unlike any other company in history. That expansion continued with the announcement that Amazon is purchasing their first warehouse in Ireland, which will be maintained to fulfil orders in the country. Previous orders were released from the United Kingdom, but with the development of Brexit, Amazon was forced to change locations.

Insiders close to the Amazon Corporation have stated that the online retailer is looking for locations that average 100,000 to 150,000 Square Feet. This location must support multiple levels and be in the industrial sector of Dublin. However, these insiders also note that Amazon hasn’t found a suitable site to date. Subsequently, no agreements have been made officially. Amazon will be forced to switch operations by the new year, regardless of the proper location is found. We expect a formal announcement to be made by Amazon PR Representatives in the coming weeks.

It’s known that there is one property investment management firm that Amazon is working with to find the proper location. Greet Reit maintains numerous warehouses in the Dublin sector, which are said to be logistical properties for Amazon. However, these spaces aren’t for sale and instead available for monthly rent. Subsequently, Amazon could be forced to rent-out locations in a similar context to Canada. This would prove beneficial for Henderson Park, the private equity firm that operates the Greet Reit Investment Management Firm.

The Forced Decision

The Amazon Corporation will find themselves in a vulnerable position if they cannot move locations by 2020. Company’s that ship to Ireland from the United Kingdom, such as Mark & Spencer’s, must maintain warehouses in the Irish Nation going forward. Refusing to make the change will result in goods being banned from crossing the Irish Sea, which would see thousands of Amazon customers in Ireland lose out on their purchased products. Inevitably, the Irish market would turn their backs to Amazon in favour of a home-based company.

It should be noted that PR Representatives with the Amazon Corporation hasn’t been available for comment. We speculate that this means their close to acquire a location, with an official public announcement coming shortly.

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Vodafone Launches 5G in Ireland

The expansion of 5G mobile bandwidth has become a priority for all significant telecommunications provider in first-world nations. One of these providers is Vodafone, who has rapidly begun launching its 5G services across the European Union and the United Kingdom. Their the first significant telecommunications provider to start offering this mobile data bandwidth, which is 10x faster than LTE. It’s anticipated that downloads of 1Gb to 1.5 Gb will take anywhere from 20 to 23 seconds for download and installation. Subsequently, it will drastically change how consumers approach their lives with cellular devices.

The first testing site in Ireland was at the Dublin Airport, where consumers could try out the bandwidth speeds on testing devices. Responses proved to be favourable, with Vodafone rushing to install their 5G Communication Services nationwide. After three months of continuous development, the bandwidth is available to all major and minor cities across Ireland. It should also be noted that the Dublin International Airport was the first facility of its kind to offered 5G Service.

Vodafone’s Expansion

The 5G Roaming Bandwidth is available across the European Union. Customers travelling across the continental-society will have access to their roaming capabilities in 100 Towns/Cities in Germany, Italy, and Spain. These significant metropolises are acting as databank centres, where speeds are at their highest, including Madrid, Rome, London, and Munich. It’s estimated that roughly 4,300 customers are switching over to the new bandwidth weekly in the European Union. However, numbers are considerably lower in the United Kingdom, with weekly averages at 1,900 acquisitions. Vodafone believes that as the technology becomes more commonplace, everyone on the telecommunications grid will switch over.

There is another factor that is slowing down Vodafone’s expansion of the 5G network. There are hardly any devices available on the market that support this bandwidth. When looking at the European Union and the United Kingdom, there are only twelve devices available. The top-rated ones include the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G, and the Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G. It should be noted that purchasing any of these devices will cost substantial figures, upwards of 800 Euros or more. There’s a good chance that the popularity of Vodafone’s 5G network won’t increase until Apple releases their 5G-Compatible iPhone. Their release of a 5G iPhone isn’t slated to be for another two years. Until then, Android will be the only competing software providing this network.

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A United Ireland

Unionism is varied and also a lot more depictive than the DUP would undoubtedly recommend. Several unionists, including himself, are liberal and too dynamic on problems such as marital relationship equal rights and abortion. Ian Marshall, a Legislator with the union, worried there was no department in unionism regarding resistance to a unified Ireland while nationalists were split on the federal inquiry. He recommended 60 percent of individuals in North Ireland are still in favour of the union.

Asking unionists what sort of unified Ireland they desire resembles asking turkeys what type of sauce they wish to be offered at Xmas. Legislator Ian Marshall was chosen to the Seanad in a byelection during 2014. He recommended that no unionist would end up participating in a discussion concerning the future if a joined Ireland was considered a failure.

He cautioned there was a threat of leaving loyalist neighbourhoods behind in any discussion concerning Irish unity and also the repercussions that can bring about physical violence versus the Republic. Legislator Marshall, that is the very first individual of a unionist history to be chosen to Seanad Éireann since the 1930s. He stated that unionism is not recognized in the Republic and that the method must be going forward.

He is a previous head of state of the Ulster Farmers Union. He nearly lost to Mr Varadkar, who stood in as an Independent. However, Ian Marshall covered the survey with the assistance of the majority of Great Gael, Sinn Féin, and also Independents.

Cost Differences

He emphasized there was no department in unionism regarding resistance to a unified Ireland, while nationalists were split on the nationwide concern. He recommended 60 percent of individuals in North Ireland are still in favour of the union.

Talking at the yearly seminar of the UCD Institute for British-Irish Researches, Legislator Marshall stated Northern Ireland is frequently represented as a financial basket. Yet neighbourhood buying powers in Belfast are nearly 20 percent greater than in the Republic as rental fees in Dublin are 60 percent greater than in Belfast. Any evaluation of the weak financial point of North Ireland need to likewise concentrate on the Republic as well, he included.

He recommended that the future of the island ought to be talked about via a public discussion that attracts individuals to talk about the future with the Campaign for Civic Area. This could also extend to the Institute of Irish Research Studies at the College of Liverpool.

The Taskforce

The IBIS introduced its Constitutional Futures after the Brexit taskforce. Their purpose is to prepare for that the following years, which will undoubtedly be controlled by the after-effects from Brexit. The task force will also look into opportunities for constitutional modification in both the UK and even Ireland. Legal Futures imagines public occasions in North Ireland, the Republic, and even in Scotland after Brexit while likewise involving academics and even establishments in both Britain and even Ireland.

Talking at the occasion, Legislator Mark Daly implicated the Federal government of hesitating to perform a threat evaluation on a boundary survey. The danger evaluation for the state is performed by the Division of Transportation, Tourist, and also Sporting activity.

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Bank of Ireland ATMs Shutdown Nationwide

Irish Citizens have been forced to go without physical cash for two days now, with the Bank of Ireland facing technical difficulties with all ATMs nationwide. These technical difficulties extend to consumers now having access to their banking application or the website, with the banking institution providing no clarification over how the ATMs were affected. Security analysts claim that this would have been a significant DDOS Attack, which requires a complete revival of the former system. This would explain why it’s taken the Bank of Ireland more than two days to fix their banking services.

The Bank of Ireland has clarified with their customers that payments can still be made through Credit Cards or Debit Cards on a POS System. This means that transactions can still be made, and products purchased. This issue applies to individuals in need of physical currency, which is a large percentage of the population. However, on November 28th, the banking institution confirmed that they are aware of the ATM errors and that their working 24/7 to reprehend the issue before weeks end.

A spokesman for the Bank of Ireland has been speaking with the press on these recent issues, claiming that the problems occurring throughout the last two days are unrelated and that the institution apologies for any inconveniences they have caused their customers. Since these claims, the Bank of Ireland has come under significant flak for blatantly lying to its consumers. Those registered with the banking institution are being misled, which is an illegal act by Irish Law Standards.

Further Information

The Rectification of a banking network can take upwards of 72-Hours and prompt additional issues with consumer-based services. Even though a credit card is still active for Point-of-sale transactions, some consumers are claiming that their cards aren’t going through. The only confirmed method of payment that’s working consistently is debit cards. It should be noted that individuals can still go to their local Bank of Ireland Branch to pull out physical currency. It’s also been estimated that since these issues have occurred, there has been an influx of closed accounts at 14.3%. This shows a significant lack of faith in the banking institution, after multiple significant issues with their banking services throughout 2019.

Those requiring a new banking institution are best to select the Allies Irish Banks or Bank of Montreal. Both institutions have been ranked highly by consumers for their safety and reliability.

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Ireland’s Food Tourism Industry Growing

The tourism industry in Ireland grows by an annual 6% every year, with hundreds of millions earned from oversea visitors. Throughout the last five years, the tourism market in Ireland has slightly changed. Instead of most visitors selecting hotels for their travelling accommodations, these oversea travellers have begun choosing Airbnb for their choice of stay. This is because numerous housing options are available, everything from a small cabin in Ireland’s rolling grass fields or a condo located in a high-rise in Dublin. Airbnb also allows for lower costs when travelling, with weekly stays costing €500 to €1000 less than at hotels.

This means that Ireland doesn’t make the same percentage of taxes from travellers. This doesn’t mean funds haven’t been boosted in other industries, with an estimated €212 million spent yearly at Irish Restaurants alone. The Irish Government earns annually €170 million in taxes from the funds spent by oversea travellers into the economy. This is a 31% increase compared to a decade ago.

The customer satisfaction with Airbnb is considerably better than what’s received at hotel chains. The international corporation guarantees its consumers a fantastic experience with local foods, daily excursions or regional entertainment. Subsequently, there is more versatility in how vacations can be approached. Through these suggestions, cities in Ireland like Dublin have earned €86 million in profits. On average, Dublin secures a 10% increase in earnings via its tourism industry. That’s even with the overwhelming majority of tourists choosing to travel outside the city.

The Data

The Irish Government has released public data regarding the tourism food industry. That report revealed that Airbnb Guests visiting Ireland spend 32% of their budget at restaurants or cafes. From that 32%, it was deduced that 50% of all visitors spend their food budget in their local area. The other half opt to select the countryside or small towns for their dining experiences. The overwhelming majority of those visiting Ireland through Airbnb recommend the local cafes and restaurants to future travellers. 93% is the average food rating for Ireland through Airbnb, prompting more people to discover the nations native food for themselves.

Globally, Ireland holds a small percentage of the total travellers using Airbnb. An average of €21 Billion is spent worldwide through Airbnb consumers on local restaurants and cafes. Subsequently, Ireland has roughly 1% of the total funds disbursed through the application. Ireland hopes to increase this number by re-investing the money earned through taxes into new tourism excursions and food destinations.

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Northern Ireland Flooding Ensues

The world has been facing the onslaught of Climate Change, with forest fires growing worldwide and hurricanes threating nations in the Atlantic Ocean. With the winter season upon us, there have been new cases of Climate Change. One such instance is with Northern Ireland, which has faced severe flooding over the last week. Numerous streets are unmanageable, with an average of two to five feet of water. The event has been so drastic for Northern Ireland that a state of emergency has been called, with numerous people being evacuated from their homes. However, there have been instances where individuals couldn’t leave their homes and needed to be rescued.

One Irish Citizen that needed rescuing was an 89-Year-Old Woman. Her house was flooded nearly to the second floor, with the main stairway entirely underwater. Upon waking up, she couldn’t leave her home through any upstairs windows. Age limitations forced this unnamed woman to call the Ireland Coast Guard, who rescued the woman in less than two hours. Shortly after, Fire Crews pumped the water off Oldtown Road and the subsequent houses. For now, this older woman remains with local friends until repairs can be made to her home.

This is just one of several incidents that prompted fire rescue and coast guard services to be dispatched. Another instance for immediate relief was a 74 Year Old Man, who was trapped in Ballynahinch on Lisburn Road. This street was unexpectedly flooded when street drains were overflown. This man lost control of his vehicle, spun to the side and had water rushing into his car within moments. The Fire Rescue Service rescued this man, who was nearly utterly underwater after one hour of continuous flooding.

Another incident saw a younger man aged thirty-eight get trapped in his car and was left facing a similar situation as the older man. Luckily, local fire rescue teams were able to remove the man easily with only 3 ft of fast-moving water around him. Before the rainfall, the rescue service sent out broadcasted radio and television messages informing citizens that roads will be dangerously unsafe and that houses could potentially be flooded. They were also told to remain indoors until rescue teams could reach them.

The Ireland Department of Transportation also recommended that drivers remain away from roads that are flooded more than four inches, as engines would be overrun with water and bog out after moments. Those individuals that didn’t listen were the ones who required rescuing after hours of continuous rain in Northern Ireland.

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