Ireland Enters Stage Five Lockdown

Restrictions on civilian personnel in Ireland has increased, with Taoiseach Michael Martin announcing that parliament has implemented Level Five Measures. It’s the highest-rated lockdown stage available to government leaders, guarantying outbreaks can begin diminishing nationwide. Taoiseach Michael Martin addressed his population on December 29th, confirming the latest surges have resulted in immediate action. Thirty days will encapsulate L5s lockdown measures in Ireland, with the Taoiseach informing parents that children cannot attend educational facilities until January 11th. Revisement strategies will be announced on the 11th to direct parents on how schools will operate until January 29th. Notified measures clarified that childcare facilities aren’t shutting down.

Restrictions announced by Taoiseach Michael Martin are outweighed by children being permitted into caring facilities. Restrictions like banning civilians from household visits & not visiting retail shops located further than 5km from their home. Childcare facilities are standardly operated by housewives in Ireland, meaning household visits amongst acquaintances & strangers will regularly be sustained.

Taoiseach Michael Martin announced in his public address that sporting facilities must close immediately. Exemptions were again made for the “Gaelic Games” in Ireland, an event which sees multiple athletes nationwide come together for competition. Professional franchises operations in Ireland are exempted from these measures as well. It means that unless Irish civilians receive salaries for their skillsets, sports aren’t permitted.

Nationwide Backlash

Reactions from the population haven’t been positive. Civilians are requesting explanations to why sporting franchises can support twenty or more players, but Weddings cannot exceed six guests. Funerals are restricted to ten visitors. Those restrictions apply to all Irish civilians, with the elite not receiving exemptions under these circumstances.

When questioned about the hypocritical policies being enacted, Taoiseach Michael Martin avoiding answering by reverting conversations to the severity of Ireland’s recent outbreak. That’s been a conventional method employed by leaders worldwide, with their answers to supporting the elite over standard civilians likely being inexcusable & prompting nationwide rage. Analysts anticipate that the Irish People won’t follow Level Five Measures until everyone is forced under identical restrictions.

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Ireland Surpasses 2000 Daily Cases of Covid

The number of cases for Covid-19 that are being recorded in Ireland hasn’t reached these heights since the pandemic reached the shores of this nation. The number of cases seen between Northern Ireland & Republic Ireland was 2,294. Deaths were recorded at 26, marking the highest figure to date. The National Public Health Emergency Team for the Ireland Republic announced additional 1,129 infections for Covid-19. Deaths sustained were lower than their Northern Brothers at six. The North recorded twenty dead from Covid-19, with infection numbers being smaller at 998. Some of these infections & deaths were related to the newest coronavirus strain seen in the United Kingdom, Denmark, and Canada.

The Chief Medical Officer for Northern Ireland discussed the conditions surrounding both nations outbreaks, mentioning that growing infections is becoming increasingly concerning. Both countries have experienced thousands of cases within 48 Hours. Doctor Tony Holohan clarifies that outbreaks are the fault of government leaders that permitted restrictions to be lowered before the holidays. The onslaught of retail shoppers enabled high percentages of Covid-19 to return across the Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland.

Doctor Holohan anticipates that the second wave will sustain longer lockdowns than the first, with transmission percentages listed at seventy for the latest strain. Multiple nations worldwide are experiencing similar fallouts after easing restrictions, with the United States having the worst outbreaks. More than 500+ thousand have been infected across America over 72 Hours. Ireland is unlikely to reach that height, with outbreaks of that nature likely destroying both nations inside of days.

Continue to Social Distance

Positivity is being evoked by Doctor Tony Holohan, who emphasised that Pfizer’s Covid-19 Vaccine has arrived in Ireland & within months a large percentage of the population will become vaccinated. That’s why Doctor Holohan continues to promote social distancing & civilians to remain indoors at home. Refusal to commit behind the restrictions will further nation-wide outbreaks & cause continued deaths for elderly civilians.

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GDPR Fines Twitter €450,000.00

Social media platforms worldwide are beginning to feel the implications of their actions, which include collecting & selling consumer information to third-party companies in hostile nations. Governments have started instating fines onto these largescale technology conglomerates, refusing to bow down to their overwhelming power. This was seen again with Ireland’s Data Protection Commission. Announcements were issued on December 15th that the DPC had fined Twitter €450,000.00 for breaching the “General Data Protection Regulation Act” in Europe.

This marks the first financial penalty issued to an American-located tech conglomerate, with more expects to follow before 2025. GDPC legislation was enacted in May 2018 by the European Union, which set to provide civilian personnel with privacy & data protection. Twitter broke legislative requirements in less than twelve months, prompting an immediate investigation that saw penalties introduced two years after beginning.

The Data Protection Commission in Ireland issued their announcement via a press release, with the statement included that Twitter had failed to notify the DPC when their servers had been breached in 2019. Legislative requirements demand that breaches be reported in 72-Hours. Twitter actively avoided informing the DPC, meaning knowledge of the breach wasn’t ascertained till DPC security programs ascertained Twitter was attacked. Not telling the Data Protection Commission of server breaches has prompted the €450,000.00 financial penalty.

The Reaction from Twitter

Twitter’s Chief Privacy & Global Data Protection Officer discussed the conclusion of this investigation. Excuses were issued that because of staffing alterations on Christmas Day & New Year’s Eve, Twitter didn’t have the necessary personnel to inform the DPC of server breaches. Damien Kieran noted that subsequently, the 72-hour statutory notice was broken. Kieran promised that solutions had been implemented to avoid reports not issued in a timely fashion.

Damien Kieran emphasized that Twitter has taken responsibility for their mistakes & remain committed to respecting the GDPC legislation, to protecting the data of customers in Ireland. These apologies are genuine because most tech conglomerates sustain their headquarters in Ireland for tax purposes. The GDPC is prominent legislation that governs over their actions & can eliminate Twitter’s social operations. Fines issued to Twitter were minimal, with GDPC law permitting 4% of annual company income to be penalized per year. That would have meant Twitter being fined $138 Million instead of $450,000.00.

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Northern Ireland Requiring a Four-Week Lockdown

The Covid-19 Pandemic is terrorizing Northern Ireland, with daily deaths occurring & hundreds of new cases being announced. This follows after government personnel worked diligently towards curbing the virus & eliminating cases. Civilians haven’t adopted those measures, allowing for infections to continue rising. December 14th saw five individuals die from Covid-19 & an additional 419 Irish civilians contracting the virus. This means the total volume of deaths have reached 1,129. Since Covid-19 began in March 2020, there have been more than 58 thousand cases. The most prominent outbreak for Northern Ireland began in December, with more than 3 thousand contracting coronavirus.

Patients enlisted throughout Northern Ireland’s hospitals for Covid-19 have exceeded 430, with 31 individuals located in intensive care units & 24 personnel requiring continued ventilation. The onslaught of cases has prompted cases to reach an average occupancy rate of 98%. It should be noted that 113 Elderly Homes have sustained prominent outbreaks of coronavirus, with most deaths associated to individuals aged above 65.

Medical personnel throughout Northern Ireland have clarified that lockdowns are immediately required to reverse outbreaks. Government personnel aren’t willing to implement another lockdown, with monetary growth for Northern Ireland more important. Continued enforcement of Covid-19 Social Distancing Measures is being implemented, avoiding financial losses associated to lockdowns. Most medical personnel have deemed this action foolish & immature of government leaders.

Occupancy Ratings Uncontrollable

Covid-19 Wards in Northern Ireland hospitals are expected to exceed an occupancy rating of 120% if outbreaks cannot be revered. It’d lead towards the healthcare infrastructure in Northern Ireland to collapse on itself. Nurses & Doctors wouldn’t avoid the coronavirus under the most severe of isolating conditions with an occupancy rating of 120%. Government personnel not willing to listen for the benefits of economic growth could find the economy destroyed & in ruins unless actions against Covid-19 is taken immediately.

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Covid Vaccine Arrives in Ireland

Normalcy throughout Northern Ireland is returning. Northern Ireland’s Health Minister made confirmations that Pfizer Pharmaceutical has shipped 25+ thousand vaccinations for Covid-19. Announcements were made after shipments arrived in Belfast, marking the first of several shipments anticipated for December. Collective vaccinations received will enable 1/4th of Northern Ireland’s population to defend themselves against Covid-19 better.

Government provisions regarding civilian groups requiring immediate vaccination have begun, with announcements coming on December 7th to 8th. Political experts ascertain that healthcare professionals & elderly communities will receive initial distributions for Pfizer’s Covid-19 Vaccine. Criticism towards the civilian groups selected first is anticipated, prompting nationwide preparation for retaliation at distribution facilities. Northern Ireland’s Health Administration is releasing “Dummy Vaccines” to combat that retribution, with doctors & nurses informed to administer the fake vaccination without argument. It’ll guarantee those individuals safety.

Health Minister Robin Swann clarified that vaccination of Northern Ireland is challenging & lengthy, but civilians should remain optimistic for the long battle against Covid is ending. The individuals receiving vaccination will be “Vaccinators” themselves, who will receive their doses in-private. Detailed measures to guarantee that distribution is handled properly are being created by “Ireland’s Committee of Vaccination & Immunisation”.

Health Minister Robin Swann mentioned that elderly communities are likely to receive vaccination afterwards. However, clarification was given by Swann that no official decision has been made. Considering that the six individuals that recently died from Covid were part of the elderly population, it’d be foolish to think elderly groups won’t receive vaccination after doctors & nurses.

Complaints from America are Unheard

Northern Ireland hasn’t struggled against Covid-19 similarly to other nations like Great Britain, the United States of America, or Italy. Infection numbers for Northern Ireland haven’t exceeded three thousand since March 2020. It’s resulted in numerous healthcare professionals in America questioning why Northern Ireland is receiving prominent shipments. Doses of Pfizer’s Covid-19 Vaccine are better distributed throughout high infection nations like America & Great Britain. Once shipped though, retrieval of those vaccinations is impossible.

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Ireland is Battling Drug Smugglers

Criminal syndicates are now smuggling drugs in Northern Ireland via PPE shipments (Personal Protective Equipment). Postal workers identified anomalies when processing these shipments, prompting the involvement of law enforcement. Smugglers continuously work towards evading capture & identification when shipping illegal drugs. Northern Ireland’s Justice Minister noted that this marks the first instance of criminals smuggling drugs via PPE shipments.

Justice Minister Naomi Long clarified that criminal syndicates are exploiting international requirements for Personal Protective Equipment. Investigations were initiated after postal workers identified the illegal drugs, with research revealing that syndicates sold falsified stockpiles of PPE Facemasks to retailers in Northern Ireland. Those legal purchases enabled the unidentified criminal entity to smuggle drugs through PPE packaging.

Naomi Long emphasis that syndicates stooping low enough to exploit circumstances associated with Covid-19 is repulsive and proves these individuals care about finances more than human survival. Northern Ireland’s Justice Minister is disgusted because hundreds of anticipated PPE Facemasks are now eliminated from the marketplace. Concealing drugs & eliminating protective gear for hundreds of civilians is unforgivable. Northern Ireland’s Justice Minister will work alongside international intelligence agencies to locate this criminal syndicate & bring them to justice.

Northern Ireland’s Organized Crime Task Force issued an annual report which indicated the various methods employed by syndicates to smuggle illegal narcotics. Washing powder & floor packaging would become the two most used methods by criminal entities. This annual report also indicated that Northern Ireland’s OCTF assisted in rescuing 111+ victims of modern-day slavery. Additional contraband collected by the Task Force included cigarettes, alcohol, and thousands of counterfeited goods.

New Legislation

Naomi Long clarified that Northern Ireland strives towards making criminal syndicates unprofitable & eliminate their finances, ultimately toppling their organization. Justice Minister Long explained that 2021 would see updated legislation enacted & will provide law enforcement additional power in fighting criminal syndicates.

Those additional power include Account Freezing, Unexplained Wealth Orders, Forfeiture Powers, Seizing Criminal Assets, and multiple other measures that are being kept private for national security. Naomi Long finalized her sentiments by evoking numerous other proposals are being enacted to combat criminal organizations.

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Ireland’s Second Lockdown Ending in Mid-December

Civilian personnel in Ireland have grown impatient & angered by the announcement that lockdown enforcement won’t end until December 15th to 31st. It means that hospitality venues, restaurants, and retail establishments selling alcohol won’t be permitted to resume operations for another month. For business owners, it’s a disappointing announcement that results in continued monetary losses & the likelihood of bankruptcy. Municipal councils in Ireland could’ve overturned the governments decision, with hope being lost once an announcement was made by Norther Ireland’s Prime Minister, indicating that all municipalities had agreed to the lockdown extension date. Non-essential business will remain closed until December 15th to 31st, with it initially being expected that reopening date would be November 27th.

Legislative orders initiated by government personnel are permitting “Unlicensed Cases” to remain open until November 23rd, where afterwards closure restrictions will be enforced. That wasn’t the exclusive exemption made from November 17th to 23rd, as driving instructions & hairdressing appointments were also permitted to continue operation. Closure for all these businesses will become a mandatory requirement on the 24th. Non-essential businesses continuing operation will receive fines, with multiple offences resulting in licenses being revoked for business owners.

The decision to implement an extended lockdown has been controversial throughout Northern Ireland. Civilian personnel have mentioned their disgust, noting that shopping for the Christmas holidays will become an impossible task. Online orders throughout Ireland are expected to increase exponentially, which will result in delayed shipping for thousands. The governments decision to extend the lockdown has prompted a likely saddening Christmas for thousands of children in Northern Ireland.

The Ignorance of Officials

Christmas service isn’t even being permitted, with funerals & weddings being allowed. Education facilities aren’t closing either & that’s the core element that’s angered civilians. It’s become known information that outbreaks worldwide are being sustained at higher volumes become children are returning to school. Legislative orders are being enacted by biased government officials who have the monetary means to provide their children with at-home education. Most in Ireland cannot say the same, forcing children to enter the public-school system during our world’s worst pandemic since the Spanish Flu.

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Christmas Travelling Not Permitted in Ireland

Northern Ireland & Southern Ireland are evoking new protocols to civilian personnel, demanding that standards be followed, or severe fines are issues. Governments across the separated nations of Ireland have been forced to implement new measures after Covid-19 infections continue to rise. These measures include civilian personnel not being permitted to travel during the Christmas season, with healthcare experts across Ireland noting it’d influence nation-wide epidemics that couldn’t be reversed for months.

Considering that the United Kingdom & Ireland have taken the coronavirus seriously on a government level, it’s unsurprising that measures are being increased. Offenders will be ticketed depending on the surrounding situation, meaning that healthcare problems requiring travel on December 24th or 25th won’t prompt fines. Any holiday-related trips will enforce penalties varying between €1,000.00 to €10,000.00.

Doctor Gabriel Sally administered an assessment on the Covid-19 R-Rating by December for Northern Ireland. He advised the Prime Minister that Irish civilians cannot travel under any circumstances this year. Gabriel informed Leo Varadkar that flights & local traffic could not be sustained, with unknowing family members that are Asymptomatic transmitting the virus to children & the elderly.

Maintain Your Bubble

The Royal Society of Medicine maintains research for public health in Northern Ireland. RSM Doctors informed civilian personnel that the majority of Christmas must be spent indoors with immediate family. Ten-person bubbles cannot be broken under the holiday season & individuals seeing protocols being ignored are recommended to inform authorities. Fines will be mailed to that respective household to maintain the anonymity & require payment within thirty days. Refusal to payout penalties could prompt a prison sentence.

Ireland’s civilians took the initial lockdown seriously when Covid-19 became an international pandemic in March 2020. However, the second lockdown has seen civilians disobey protocol. Northern & Southern Ireland won’t be lenient when seeing Irish personnel breaking social distancing measures.

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Graham Group Profits Soar by 16% in 2020

Construction firms worldwide have seen profits decrease since March 2020, resulting from the coronavirus pandemic & thousands of contracts being terminated internationally. Few firms have announced growth during the 2nd or 3rd quarter of 2020, with Q4 expected to evoke similar losses. Profits dropped immediately in January after China confirmed their outbreak of coronavirus.

Before Covid-19, profits were increasing drastically for most Construction firms in 2019. That was what happened with the Graham Group, Northern Ireland’s most prominent & active construction firm. November 5th saw the firm announce their pre-tax profits, which increased to £11m at 38% for 2019. Turnover percentages also grew at unexpected volumes by 16% to £853m. However, forecasts evaluated by Graham Group Finance Department indicate the profits are likely to decrease throughout 2020/21.

Executives were questioned on the possibility of sustaining profits throughout the remainder of 2020, and into 2021s fiscal year. Clarification was given that orders committed for 2021 provide continued opportunity for employees & sustainable growth of largescale cities in Northern Ireland. The Graham Group will significantly factor into the reconstruction of cities like Belfast. Media personnel questioned executives on revenue increasing in 2021, which Executive Chairman Michael Graham clarified that quality over quantity is their focus going into the Post-Covid Era.

The Graham Group have used minimal percentages of their cash reserves during the first & second lockdown in Northern Ireland. Profits are expected to sustain volumes 10% lower than 2019’s fiscal year during 2021. That’s because Executive Chairman Michael Graham is focusing on quality over quantity, knowing that their brand reputation will guarantee their continued success in Northern Ireland.

The Brexit Factor

Executive Chairman Michael Graham noted that 2020 has been more challenging because of Brexit, mentioning that uncertainty with international contracts is growing. Travel permissions are given to largescale corporations with international party agreements in the United Kingdom, which Northern Ireland is part of after the last referendum. When Michael Graham was questioned on the financial performance seen in 2019, he’d evoke it was an enjoyable day for the corporate division. It should be clarified that the Graham Group sustaining a large percentage of their profits means that 2,000 employees are guaranteed to keep their jobs.

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Ireland Faces Storm Aiden on Halloween

Violent storms are expected for Northern Ireland on October 31st, eliminating any opportunity for Halloween to be sustained in 2020. Chances were pre-emptively low with the Northern Ireland Government enforcing a second lockdown. Those found Trick or Treating during Halloween would’ve faced notable fines from local law enforcement. Anyone foolish enough to risk their children Trick or Treating will face financial penalties, while also sustaining hurricane-level winds. It’s expected that inland windspeeds will vary from 80km to 96km/per hour, with coastal regions anticipating speeds of 110km/per hour.

The Northern Ireland Meteorology Office announced a nationwide yellow warning, which is being sustained from 2 am on October 30th to 9 pm on October 31st. It’s prompted the Northern Ireland Department of Infrastructure to confirm that flooding will occur nationwide, with multiple trees expected to limit driving on November 1st. It was noted that working crews are assessing storm-related damage to local roads. However, caution is being exercised for civilians needing to traverse on the 31st. Storm debris is expected regularly & will cause numerous accidents if drivers are seen in large numbers.

Multiple aspects regarding everyday living have been eliminated for Storm Aiden. TransLink Europe confirmed that railway services are being disrupted & delayed following the unexpected weather. Foyle Bridge in London-Derry shut down their services for two days, which resulted from windspeeds reaching 85km/h in their region. The Department of Infrastructure confirmed that multiple housing services would be affected, including Internet & Hydro. It’s also been recommended that civilians don’t attend nature reserves, country parks, or forested areas. There are also recommendations to avoid coastal areas from the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, who confirmed they’d be unable to provide services to nearby shipping vessels during the storm.

Police Warnings

It’s been confirmed that 4400+ business & homes have been affected by Storm Aiden, with Hydro being lost since 3 am or later. It’s prompted law enforcement in Northern Ireland to appeal towards the public, requesting they exercise caution & avoid any Halloween-related activities. Police enforced that pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, and high-sided vehicles will be ticketed if found travelling during Storm Aiden. This matter is meant to be taken seriously for damages after Storm Aiden will be severe, and law enforcement hope to avoid loss of life.

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