Most Popular Irish Pub Drinking Games

To party like the Irish take more than skill, it is almost a form of art. Hence why not try out some of their greatest drinking games and give your party some added Irish vibe.

Power Hour Testing Your Durability

Power Hour is as simple as it can get, and it might end up being the only time you will be drinking for the entire evening. It does, however, allow for the level of difficulty to be adjusted to the “fitness” level of competitors. During Power Hour, the competitors each have to down either a beer or a shot every two minutes. This is where the difficulty can be adjusted to more extended periods. When you fall out of the competition, you will be served a punishment round, and the last competitor standing is the winner and exempt from buying any drinks for the remainder of the night.

Hot Potato

We all played the game of Hot Potato when we were young. Now the upgrade to passing on a potato until the music stops is available as a more grown-up version. You have guessed it correctly. This time it is a shot being passed around with the lucky holder downing the drink as the music stops. No winners or losers, only bucket loads of fun, which only ends when the bottle has no more to offer.

Irish Roulette, Whiskey and a Dice

This sounds like a perfect combination to have some severe drinking challenges. Two players compete with a couple of shots and a dice standing between them, taking turns on rolling the dice with the lowest scorer taking a chance. Best out of five and repeat until you can’t make out the numbers of the dice anymore. Then and only then it is time to quit. This game can be expanded to making up teams with more dices. The perfect structure for a couple of round robins until the final scores are set to determine the titleholder for the evening.

A Deck of Cards and Some Irish Poker

Simple rules to deliver easy fun. The dealer places four cards on the table, faces down. The player to his left starts with guessing whether the card is black or red. If guessed correctly, he can nominate anyone to drink for as long as the number on the map indicates. If he guessed wrong, then it is his turn to take a shot. The game can continue for as long as that the players will last.

Drinker vs Drinker in €2 Spin

Traditionally a €2 coin is used, but any currency will work. Two jugs or pitcher filled equally is provided, and while a third party spins the coin, the players must drink as much as they can until the currency stops and falls over. The one who drank the most is the winner. Have fun, share a drink and make it count.

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Ireland Online Betting

Ireland is only one of the many countries in the world where online casinos is an ever-growing market. No surprises there, since Ireland has always been known for their love of playing along and placing their bets. This is done to such a degree that it is estimated that as much as 64% of the Irish folk are engaging in the form of gambling activity and even this number is continuously growing. The value one would attach to the amount spent on gambling every year exceeds €2.2 billion.

A Long History of Gambling

It was already in 1956 through the Gaming and Lotteries Act that casinos became a legal institution in the country. Then, long before most other countries, it was in 2001 that the Greyhound Racing Act legalized online casinos in Ireland. This opened up the market for the Irish to place their bets at internationally operated casinos.

It was only three years later in 2004 that the local Irish bookmakers entered the market with developing their betting sites and online casino games. Initially, the choices were quite limited for punters, but this developed into a much larger market and today punters can find mostly all games played in brick and mortar casinos, online as well. Not only did the options available to punters expand, but also the technology used was improved. This then brought punters to live dealers, creating the same kind of experience which they would expect at a casino, now available online.

Convenience and Ease

Online casinos have always proved itself to be a flourishing market in Ireland. The reason for this is the fact that it is incredibly convenient. Punters can engage with their favourite games while sitting at home or during their commute in the city; it is secure and always available. Even though the popularity of online casinos in Ireland is just overwhelming, it is still exceeded by the popularity of online sports betting though. Horse racing is by far the most common form of sports betting in Ireland.

A Future of Possibility and Further Growth

Paddy Power Betfair entered this market in 2015. Since then, they have grown into an international brand within the market. From the start, they have delivered magnificent figures with recording an impressive €1.5 billion revenue in their first year. Their success is nestled in the fact that they have achieved what the Irish want, mobile applications. Through this, Paddy Power has placed online betting and gambling in a different league for Ireland.

Some factors are contributing to the success of this ever-growing market, but mostly it is fuelled by the Irish love of placing bets. With the constant developments brought to them by online bookmakers, continually creating more ease, convenience and excitement, the market is bound to keep on growing. Hence it is easy to understand why the projections for revenue generated by the Irish online gambling industry is expected to exceed €7.5 billion by 2020. A bright future for Irish punters indeed.

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Shane Lowry Is the Name

Shane Lowry’s win of the British Open is one of those moments written in history as one of the most memorable for Ireland. Understandably the congratulations were streaming in from all sporting corners. For this man played with the pressure of entire Ireland watching his back, and he didn’t dare to disappoint. He was now one of only four other Irishmen ever to hold the Claret jug.

His First Major Cup

When the 32-year-old entered the final round, he had a four-shot lead over his nearest contender, Tommy Fleetwood, representing England. He managed to parlay that into a six-shot win. In addition to that, he closed on 1-over-par 72 and posted 15-under 269 totals.

For the first three days he was playing immaculately, yet the weather didn’t play along. Heavy rains and high winds were bantering the links course set on the Antrim coast. At specific periods Lowry had to refocus himself again to get back into the game, but he regained his play and continued to lead Ireland to victory.

Even more important is that he managed to carry the hope for Ireland forward. His victory came with great jubilation from the crowds and marshals had difficulty to maintain fans and keeping them off the greens. Irish flags were flapping in the groups as they chanted the name of this humble man. A win for Ireland on Irish soil has never tasted as sweet.

Feeling the Stress of Playing In Front of a Home Crowd

Lowry admitted afterwards to feeling the pressure and acknowledging that it already stems him uncomfortable to play in front of a home crowd. He remained focused and humble throughout the entire tournament, and things worked out into his favour. Winning the British Open is more than the prize money of $1 935 000 but also becoming the number one player in the European Tour’s Race towards Dubai. After the bitter loss last year, the 2019 British Cup is sure a sweet victory.

An Internationally Known Family

Lowry was born into a family of sporting success. His family from Ferbane have achieved great success in Gaelic football. Both his father, Brendan and two uncles, Mick and Sean, have been successful in winning All-Ireland medals in 1982. They played for Offaly. Brendan Lowry was also an All-Star winner in 1981 as the best left-corner forward in Ireland.

The Future

Lowry expressed his hopes that this win is more than a personal success for him, but indeed one which will carry Ireland into victory with their bid to host the Ryder Cup 2026. Currently, the challenge is on between Europe and the United States, although it seems that Adare Manor might be slightly ahead. With the latest Irish victory, the hope is to strengthen the belief in Ireland’s capabilities to bring the Ryder Cup to the Irish soil. Having Lowry and other great Irish players teeing off at Adare would be a momentous day in Irish sports history.

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Traditional Irish Food

Ireland has many gems and secrets up her sleeve. Ready to be explored and experienced. A country’s culinary delights are often high in the ranks of these unique treasures, and Ireland is no different. Irish cuisine is filled with some strange and beautiful servings and here are some of them.

Cooking Up a Hearty Pot of Stinging Nettles

Stinging nettles are one of those plant species where the name already contains a warning to stay away unless you are Irish. Here the plant is harvested by the brave to be cooked, pureed and made into brilliant little delicatessen like pesto, pies and spanakopita. When cooked the plant loses its sting and you are left with a mild and nutty flavoured dish which is rich in minerals and vitamins.

Buttered Eggs – a Means to an End

It was before the days of refrigerators and farmers in the Cork area in Ireland discovered that when you take a freshly laid egg, preferably still warm, and rub the outside with butter, the eggs increase in shelf life. This was helpful, especially during their winter months when preserved foods were eaten.

The butter on the outside helps to solidify the brittle shells and keep outside air from the yolk inside. The taste of the butter would also enrich the taste of the eggs. Although since the world has invented different preservation methods, these are becoming harder to find, yet you might still find them in Cork.

The Funky Flavours of Bog Butter

Some might deem this to be disgusting, funky and mouldy, or pungent. Relatively often when people in the rural parts of Ireland dig for some peat, it happens that they stumble upon a wooden box, pot or some animal skin wrapped around a dietary wonder. Bog butter is blocks of butter made from cows’ milk which was buried underneath the peat to preserve it in peat bogs.

Often these are hundreds of years old, but in some cases, its age has even exceeded that. Also though this is still edible, the pungent flavour is found to put most people off. It did, however, inspire some modern research in ageing butter this way with much more delicious results.

The Short Life Span of Blaa Bread

For their religious believes the French Huguenots fled to the Irish shores and they brought their culinary delights along. One of these was white bread made from wheat-based flour. The meal was known as pain blanc, but quickly was translated by the local Irish to blaa bread or just merely blaa.

This white, soft and delicious rolls are a famous face early mornings. Best enjoyed hot from the oven saturated with a good helping of butter for breakfast. You will only find them in the mornings, not only due to their association with breakfast but also because the bread goes stale so quickly that no one wants it in the afternoon anymore. Hence have your blaa breakfast as early as possible, even before you get ready to place a few bets on your favourite sports!

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Irish Singer Adds Her Voice behind Women’s Soccer Wages

The Women’s Soccer World Cup is now a mere glorious memory. The celebratory fires are still burning, but the cloud which surrounded the entire tournament regarding pay scales are far from over. Now Irish singing sensation, Sinead O’Connor, had added her voice to those of many in the industry.

The Battle of the Sexes in Sport

We had the Matildas demanding their share, which they considered to be fair before the tournament. Then the voices of women all over the sporting world, especially in soccer, started to echo globally. Their concern was the significant pay gap between what men are getting paid versus what they are getting paid.

But it isn’t only the hourly pay rate which ruffles their feathers; it is also the significant gap in prize money offered by FIFA. The Matildas have been successful in getting the same hourly pay as their male counterparts, but they are still standing with the short end of the stick. They play about half the amount of matches which the men do and have smaller earning opportunity than the men.

FIFA is sticking with their defence, stating that prize money is based on revenue earned during the different games. They noted that women’s soccer generates far less than men’s soccer. Hence the major discrepancy.

US Women’s Soccer Demanding More

After winning the World Cup, the US Women’s Soccer Team has a much more stable foundation to stand on demanding increases. This is something which they will get now as national champions.

The US Women’s team is, however, also playing more games than the US men’s soccer teams and therefore generate more revenue for the federation. The men’s team are still earning higher wages and stand better chances of winning more significant prize money. This created an outcry in the soccer world for at least equal pay within the American soccer representative teams.

Megan Rapinoe & Sinead O’Connor

This situation set the grounds for a request from the star player of the US team to the federation to apply some of their good fortunes from the team’s success towards providing the necessary and well-deserved remuneration and facilities for the team. She is also fighting for better medical and travel investment towards the group.

An upgrade on their practising facilities is also on the lists of requests. This request from Rapinoe received some attention in the limelight, especially in New York. Irish singer Sinead O’Connor is now adding her voice via social media to their plight.

Sharing their concerns on her Twitter page and requesting that the inequality in national sports should be not only be attended to but also rectified for distant stars representing their countries on the international playground.

This came shortly after O’Connor was also in the limelight on social media regarding a video which she posted asking for help in her state of not being physically or emotionally well. It seems that she is back from what she calls hell and is planning on delivering greatness again.

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The Most Watched Spectator Sports in Ireland

Of all the many beloved sports played in Ireland, a few stand out as the favourites when it comes to drawing spectators to the stadiums. Here is the list of the top 5.


Gaelic and Hurling are making a close run for the position of number one in the list. They are both controlled by the GAA, and even though they are much alike, they are different. Gaelic is a traditional Irish sport with a unique character. It brings much entertainment for both the fans as well as the players. In Gaelic football players are allowed to use either their feet or their hands to get a ball into the nets or as in American football, over a bar.


Hurling is much the same as Gaelic, but in this game, players have a much smaller ball to play with, and they have stuck in the shape of a hook to handle the ball. These sticks are referred to as hurleys. They use the hurleys to hit the ball, which often results in it travelling across the entire pitch, giving it a reputation as probably the fastest in the world when it comes to field sports. Both Gaelic and Hurling is played with much traditional pride and therefore draw large groups of spectators. From Club games to school sports, both gather up the masses.


Not unique to Ireland, yet in great support by the Irish people. Sometimes even outperforming both Hurling and Gaelic, depending on the specific region. During provincial matches, the spectators are spoiled with a great atmosphere of competition and glory. The Irish passion for rugby is driving their international team to success with consistently ranking under the top teams in the world. Regardless of whether it is next to the field or inside their favourite sports pub, Ireland is always backing their organizations with firm support.


Being the birthplace of names like Graeme McDowell and Rory McIlroy is already serving as a statement to the support and love that the Irish have for this sporting pastime. Ireland offers magnificent courses set in the most breath-taking natural settings winning the favour of many other golfing stars, including Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. The world recognized the Irish contribution to this elegant sport by awarding them the opportunity to show off their passion by hosting the 2019 Open. Soon the best golfers will compete on one of Irelands finest, set in Northern Ireland, at Royal Portrush Golf Club.


Even though soccer is the most loved sport in the world, it isn’t Ireland’s most popular sport, but they still have a strong passion and support for the game. The Irish soccer clubs are often serving as feeders to other great English Premier League teams. The Irish supporters of the game are as known as energetic fans globally. The French awarded the Irish soccer supporters in 2016 for their spirit of happiness which they bring. Wherever a soccer game is played, you will be enticed to be part of an energizing atmosphere.

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Problem Gambling Some of The Legendary Tales

One of the two great concerns, when involved in gambling, is losing control over your gambling involvement. The other is losing your money. Sometimes in the gambling world, gambling addicts get so out of control that they make the news. Often these are just the stories of ordinary people caught up in a sad reality.

Escaping Prison

This is the story of such an addict who spun out of control when he recently stole chips at the Rainbow Casino. The Aberdeen police arrested Mahmudul Hasan, a 48-year old gambler. He was already banned from English gambling establishments when he stole these chips on Scottish territory.

After playing a game of blackjack earlier on, he took a box of chips stored at the table without being noticed and left the casino with it hidden under his jacket. Only to return later on and cashing some of them into the amount of £700. When the staff realized that the box is missing, he was long gone but cameras followed his trail and he was later on arrested and the remainder of the box found in a garbage bin where he disposed of it.

His claims of stealing this due to his gambling addiction saved him from jail time and he was sentenced to a mere 135 work hours without any pay. Considering that this was a victimless crime it all seems fair, yet there is no indication of whether he is going to get assistance to overcome this problem and avoid future crimes.

Unpayable Debts

Another story of the sheer devastation which gambling causes in your life is the one of Tony O’Reilly, former postmaster in Carlow, Ireland. Now the subject of the book by Declan Lynch called Tony 10 which was Tony’s online gambling persona. His story is one of the debts which will never be repayable. His turnover at Paddy Power amounted to €10 million when he got arrested for stealing €1.75 from his employers.

This is the story of the destruction which can be part of online gambling. Tony mentioned that nobody suspected what he is busy with since he wasn’t wasting his time away in casinos. All that he has done was happening online. His online crowd also never told him to slow down, rather Paddy Power would invite him to more events and opportunities to spend money. In the end, it leads to the destruction of the person and a staggering debt which he will never be able to repay during his entire life.

His case made the news because although he is not the only nor the first person to steal from his employer, normally people can repay their debts and don’t get reported. He will never be able to do that. Tony remembers moments of desperation and the constant belief that if he gambles one more time it would be the last time, the one which will take him out of his debt. It is thought patterns like these which keep the gambling addict in the web and eventually leads to destruction, jail time and unpayable debts.

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The Wealthiest Sports Stars of Ireland

When asked the question of who is the wealthiest sports star in Ireland, many would probably answer the name of a famous footballer. This is, however, not the case.

Golfing Creates Riches

The title of the wealthiest sports star in all of Ireland goes to none other than Rory McIlroy. With his estimated fortune standing on a total of £52 million. His mere £52 million doesn’t even put him close to the list of the wealthiest people in Ireland, but it does make him the sportsman with the highest bank balance. This came as no surprise since the 30-year old golfer of Northern Ireland was the youngest golfer in the 2012 PGA Tour to reach a total of $10 million in career earnings. Owner of three homes based in Northern Ireland, Hollywood and Palm Beach Gardens in Florida.

Second in Line is from the Golfing Ranks Too

Running slightly behind McIlroy is another golfer. Pádraig Harrington’s wealth is estimated at £51 million. This 47-year old golfer is from Dublin. Harrington’s highlight in his career was being ranked third in the world in July 2008. This was when he spent 300 weeks in the top-10 rankings of the world. His fans can look forward to his performance during the 2020 Ryder Cup as captain of the European team.

Number Three – Footballers aboard

At number three, we have the world of football entering the sphere of Irish wealth earned on the sports field. Roy Keane from Cork is estimated to be worth £40 million. The 47-year old is considered by many as the most successful footballer of Irish origin. After spending five years in the role of assistant manager to the Republic of Ireland national team, he resigned at the end of 2018 and is now in the position of assistant coach to Nottingham Forest. His career stretched over 18 years ending with him being captain to Manchester United from 1997 – 2005.

Another Golfer at Number Four

At £34 million Graeme McDowell is fourth-ranked on the list of wealthiest Irish athletes. Born in Portrush, Northern Ireland, this 39-year old golfer had a very successful amateur career before he turned professional. Since then he has represented Ireland in the World Cup, has won four events on the PGA Tour and ten on the European Tour. His best position on the rankings was 4th place in 2011.

Number Five Goes to Football

Footballer Robbie Keane from Dublin is standing tall at number five with an estimated net worth of £27 million. This 38-year old played for the Republic of Ireland from 1998 – 2016. Here he also served as captain of the team from 2006 until 2016. Since 2018 he is in the role of assistant manager to the team. Five Irish sports stars whose skill, passion, talent and commitment to hard work paid off of in the form of tremendous wealth.

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Some Great Irish Sports Bars in Dublin

The Irish Pub has been playing a central role in Irish history for ages. It is a place of friendship and camaraderie; a jovial get together where all our friends and the drinks are mighty beautiful. Where there is some good grub to snack on while watching your team either win or lose on the big screen. It is a place where people meet to socialize and banter, to appreciate life and put some money sometimes where their mouths are. Some of these spots are monumental in Irish history. Here is a list of some you need to visit for the full Irish sports bar experience.

The Bleeding Horse

The Bleeding Horse in Camden Street Upper is more than just a sports bar. It plays centre stage in Sheridan Le Fanu’s and James Joyce’s Ulysses novel that was titled The Cock and Anchor, published in 1845. This sports bar was established in 1649 and are of vital historical importance. It started off being situated on the corner of two main roads leading out of the city. These roads however disappeared during a renovation process which occurred in 1990. With no absolute certainty about the origin of the name, the simplified explanation is that during the Battle of Rathmines in 1649, there was an incident where a bleeding horse escaped from the battlefield. Today the pub is still a great meeting place to watch sports.

The Back Page

Situated in Phibsborough Road, this bar is the place to relax when you have nothing else to do. Named in 2016 as Ireland’s Best Sporting Pub in the National Hospitality Awards of 2016. They have plenty of space for the kids to play with a console room where FIFA can be performed. The café offers food and drinks and a touch of comfort with some board games available to patrons. A large venue is available for live sports with plenty of display with four large screens. If you only came here for the company and to catch your breath, chill for a while in their hammocks and feel the Irish atmosphere.

The Living Room

Keen on watching your favourite sport on the most prominent outdoor screen in all of Dublin; then The Living Room is the place to be. Enjoy a perfect wood-fired pizza in their beer garden and sip on some local Irish brew. They were named during the 2016 Sky Bar Awards as the best choice to watch a match at in Dublin. Situated on Cathal Brugha Street, you should visit them.

The Mercantile

Home to Everton and Arsenal supporters clubs, The Mercantile on Dame Street is another part of Irish heritage which featured in James Joyce’s literary work of Ulysses, as the workplace of the protagonist. With nine screens and great deals on matchday food and drink orders, this is one of the best sports pubs in Dublin. Sports, beer, bars and a taste for life, sports bars reflect a great deal of the Irish identity.

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Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day Here!

A festival, religious and cultural celebration, Saint Patrick’s Day is an important day. All honour goes to the patron saint of Ireland. As the lead up gets to a start to St Patrick’s Day, it is time to enjoy Gaelic games, it is the biggest celebration, and every town and village participate in the festivities. In Ireland, the celebrations take place on the 17th of March every year, and it is no longer just an Irish celebration. Drinking, parades, feasting and dancing, dressed in green now takes place across the world.

Celebrations in Ireland

Saint Patrick brought Christianity to the country and also converted many pagans. Every year on the 17th of March, Ireland celebrates this day with traditional dancing, everyone wears green and takes part in dancing and parades. Most Dubliners spend time with family and friends or attend concerts. There are many different shows across the Dublin, shows inspired by the Irish culture, festivals and performance by local bands.

Celebrations in Canada

In 2019, it was the 196th celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day in Montreal, the parade started in 1824, and it is the oldest in Canada. The show is two hours long, and the United Irish Society of Montreal organises it for many years, according to records, since 1928. There is one difference in the celebrations, and that is that Montreal enjoys the festivities on a Sunday that is nearest to the 17th of March on not on the actual day itself.

St Patrick’s Day Celebrations in Boston

Massachusetts has the most significant population with an Irish background anywhere in the United States. The St Patrick’s Day celebration reflects this to the full, and the holidays not only includes the South Boston parade. The festivities also include the Irish Film Festival. There is also the Irish heritage trail and the House of Blues concert, all part of the yearly festival. The parade is the highlight and attacks more than a million spectators every year. There is also a tradition in Boston of slashing beer prices for that one day in all the Irish pubs in the city.

Celebrating St Patrick’s Day in New York

The largest parade of the St Patrick’s day celebrations is in New York City. It is also the oldest in the world. Here the first parade took place in 1762, and that was fourteen years ahead of the signing of the Independence Declaration. The parade in the city takes place from Fifth Avenue and then passed by the St Patrick’s cathedral. The show in 2002 was dedicated to the 9/11 victims, the medical personnel, firefighters and other first responders. In 2011 it was the 250th parade celebrated in the city.

Celebrations in Chicago

Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations in Chicago includes a parade in downtown and the dying of the river. The first time the river was changed to a different colour was actually by accident, and the fluorescent dye was spilt by mistake. It became a tradition and is now part of the yearly celebrations.

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