Bank of Ireland ATMs Shutdown Nationwide

Irish Citizens have been forced to go without physical cash for two days now, with the Bank of Ireland facing technical difficulties with all ATMs nationwide. These technical difficulties extend to consumers now having access to their banking application or the website, with the banking institution providing no clarification over how the ATMs were affected. Security analysts claim that this would have been a significant DDOS Attack, which requires a complete revival of the former system. This would explain why it’s taken the Bank of Ireland more than two days to fix their banking services.

The Bank of Ireland has clarified with their customers that payments can still be made through Credit Cards or Debit Cards on a POS System. This means that transactions can still be made, and products purchased. This issue applies to individuals in need of physical currency, which is a large percentage of the population. However, on November 28th, the banking institution confirmed that they are aware of the ATM errors and that their working 24/7 to reprehend the issue before weeks end.

A spokesman for the Bank of Ireland has been speaking with the press on these recent issues, claiming that the problems occurring throughout the last two days are unrelated and that the institution apologies for any inconveniences they have caused their customers. Since these claims, the Bank of Ireland has come under significant flak for blatantly lying to its consumers. Those registered with the banking institution are being misled, which is an illegal act by Irish Law Standards.

Further Information

The Rectification of a banking network can take upwards of 72-Hours and prompt additional issues with consumer-based services. Even though a credit card is still active for Point-of-sale transactions, some consumers are claiming that their cards aren’t going through. The only confirmed method of payment that’s working consistently is debit cards. It should be noted that individuals can still go to their local Bank of Ireland Branch to pull out physical currency. It’s also been estimated that since these issues have occurred, there has been an influx of closed accounts at 14.3%. This shows a significant lack of faith in the banking institution, after multiple significant issues with their banking services throughout 2019.

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