An Update on COVID-19 in Ireland

The Irish Government has continuously worked with these governments to ensure military-assisted flights are maintained overseas. Collective efforts prompted numerous charters to unfold in 24 hours, allowing for five thousand Irish Civilians to return home. They returned from locations like South Africa, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Those civilians lucky enough to avoid these rural nations were located in New Zealand, a country familiar with Ireland.

Portions of these civilians are expressing interesting in returning to their local properties. This means their obedience with the government-assisted quarantine measures has been minimal. These individuals believe their health is unquestionable and that self-isolation protocols can be advised on their behalf. Politicians with the Irish Government has refused to allow these civilians to return to their local properties. They’ll continue to face the quarantine measures until fourteen days is completed. Afterwards, self-isolation measures will be required until the nation-wide lockdown is lifted.

Elsewhere in Ireland, 45+ thousand employed civilians have applied for the “Temporary Wage Subsidy”. TWS Initiatives will allow worked to receive consistent paycheques throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic, allowing for necessities and bills to be paid. It costs the Irish Government €267 million to account for the lost jobs across Ireland. However, this is considerably lower than other nations like the United States or Great Britain.

Death Toll Increases

Ireland Politicians struggled to accommodate these abroad civilians upon their arrival. Their demands to return to their living quarters was considered disrespectful, with 530+ civilians in Ireland having already passed away from COVID-19. Hours before these abroad travellers returned on Irish soil, an additional 44 deaths were confirmed.

Abroad civilians contracted with COVID-19 could cause an additional outbreak of the virus in Ireland, prompting increased deaths. It’s for this core reason that requests to return home were met with aggression and denial. It should be noted that COVID-19 has infected 14+ thousand Irish Civilians. However, Ireland Scientists believe the infectious period reached its final plateau and will begin to descend.

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