Amazon Purchasing an Ireland Warehouse

The Amazon Corporation has had an expansion, unlike any other company in history. That expansion continued with the announcement that Amazon is purchasing their first warehouse in Ireland, which will be maintained to fulfil orders in the country. Previous orders were released from the United Kingdom, but with the development of Brexit, Amazon was forced to change locations.

Insiders close to the Amazon Corporation have stated that the online retailer is looking for locations that average 100,000 to 150,000 Square Feet. This location must support multiple levels and be in the industrial sector of Dublin. However, these insiders also note that Amazon hasn’t found a suitable site to date. Subsequently, no agreements have been made officially. Amazon will be forced to switch operations by the new year, regardless of the proper location is found. We expect a formal announcement to be made by Amazon PR Representatives in the coming weeks.

It’s known that there is one property investment management firm that Amazon is working with to find the proper location. Greet Reit maintains numerous warehouses in the Dublin sector, which are said to be logistical properties for Amazon. However, these spaces aren’t for sale and instead available for monthly rent. Subsequently, Amazon could be forced to rent-out locations in a similar context to Canada. This would prove beneficial for Henderson Park, the private equity firm that operates the Greet Reit Investment Management Firm.

The Forced Decision

The Amazon Corporation will find themselves in a vulnerable position if they cannot move locations by 2020. Company’s that ship to Ireland from the United Kingdom, such as Mark & Spencer’s, must maintain warehouses in the Irish Nation going forward. Refusing to make the change will result in goods being banned from crossing the Irish Sea, which would see thousands of Amazon customers in Ireland lose out on their purchased products. Inevitably, the Irish market would turn their backs to Amazon in favour of a home-based company.

It should be noted that PR Representatives with the Amazon Corporation hasn’t been available for comment. We speculate that this means their close to acquire a location, with an official public announcement coming shortly.

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