All Blacks Crushed Irish Hope in RWC

Every single Rugby World Cup Tournament the Irish heroes in green make it to the quarter-finals and every time that is where their journey in the tournament comes to an end. This time around it was sadly no different, and it seems that this is now becoming an Irish tradition. As the All Blacks gave the Irish a ruthless battering, their journey towards the semi-finals was once again reduced to a pipe dream.

The All Blacks remain as healthy as always as they crushed the Irish team, but not their spirit. Since the Rugby World Cup initially started, Ireland has always been under the top eight teams. This year, however, they had hope rooted in the knowledge that pre-tournament rumours were in the direction of the All Black not being in their top shape. In addition to that, Ireland managed to take victory twice over the New Zealanders during their previous three clashes. Still, the men in black came prepared, and there was no stopping them.

New Zealand’s RWC History

The All Blacks came to Japan with their bit of repetitive behaviour which now almost also turned into a tradition too. That is that they never lose in the World Cup except if it is against the hosting country. The odds of this becoming the reality of RWC 2019 once again is getting stronger and stronger since the South African Springboks already removed the hosting Brave Blossoms from the tournament this weekend.

The All Blacks play wide, but only after they have already entered the belly of their opponents and ripped them apart from the inside out. The Irish stars thrive on playing with both possession and territory, but the All Blacks didn’t permit that to happen. The All Blacks instead charged into the Irish with fierce yet controlled attacks and left the Irish with no opportunity to slow down the rate of possession. The quarter-final delivered on an entirely different game plan as what the Irish envisaged and the All Blacks didn’t only take control from the start, but it also remained in their possession the entire time.

In the end, the two teams resembled as what some might describe as a school team competing on the varsity level. The Irish were not up against the All Blacks who came in at full force. Yet what is for sure is that the All Blacks might have taken victory on the field, but in the stadium the crowd’s blood was green. As the haka was performed on the area, it was hardly audible as the great support from the stadium drowned them out in favour of the Irish nation. For a moment, one could imagine that you are indeed set to watch a game set in the heart of Dublin and not on the neutral territory of Tokyo.

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